new car

I think its time for a new car. I have a new budget plan and access to a good down payment. Now, Honda Fit or Toyata Matrix?

4 thoughts on “new car

  1. I like Toyota, but I do admit the Honda Fit looks better. It gets marginally better fuel economy too.

    You might consider looking at the Nissan Versa as well. (It comes with a CVT option! :D)

  2. Howabout whichever ’07 model is still available? It’s a lot cheaper to buy last year’s model than to buy an ’08 at this point (if you’re leaning that way).

    Is the Golf about to cost you craploads of $$? If not you might consider waiting until next sept / oct when they are trying to get rid of old models.

    That being said, how about a Hyundai Santa Fe or whatever the smaller on is?

    Of your options, I would probably be inclined to go with the Honda, although I like the Matrix too. If you’re looking Matrix have you considered the Pontiac Vibe?

  3. Wow it looks like the cheapest Matrix is less than the cheapest Vibe. That surprises me. Mind you you probably aren’t looking at the cheapest possible option, right? Anyways, it might be worth comparing the two since they’re effectively the same vehicle.

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