Day: December 16, 2007


I tried the whole Linux thing again. I don’t know why I do this kind of thing to myself.

I tried Kubuntu 7.04 and it appeared to install without much of a problem.
It looked slick, but still no sound.
That’s been my biggest problem with linux installs, for whatever reason, I just don’t get sound.
Which is irritating, because I always get it during the Live CD portion.

Did some poking and found a couple of links: – That’ll take you through a long and comprehensive list of what to do/look for.
I did that, no dice.

But then I noticed something. My default sound card was the onboard one. Oh!
So then I found this:

And with two command lines and a reboot, I had sound!

Alrighty, so now on to everything else.
Let’s get that MP3 support going!

Install the restricted extras….and crash. Something to do with Java and whatever app manager KDE is using.
Try again. Crash.
A third time? Crash.

Alrighty, back to Ubuntu!

Did the install, did the sound trick, and I’m up and running just fine.

It’s too bad that parts of KDE just suck and explode, because I find their apps a little nicer.
I use Kontact instead of Evolution because it handles ical files properly.
Amarok reads all the ID3 tags, not just some of them.
KPilot finds my palm.
Ktorrent is just like uTorrent, which is fantastic.

It’s not like the gnome apps are really that bad, they just don’t do what I want them to do.

Oh, and I found out how to get City of Heroes running properly under Cedega.
It’s kinda wonky, but it works.
After you do the install, you can’t just push the play button, it’ll crash.
However, you can “install” the game again. Since it reads the same file each time(COHUpdater.exe) and if it’s up to date then you get to play. And it takes no more time to “install” than it does to just play.
So yea, there you have it. Wonky, but it’s worked all the time.
Don’t push play, just install again.

So that’s it. I have it, I like it, and it runs smoother than Windows right now.

About freaking time I tells ya…


The weather was decent enough to swap the all-season for the winter tires.
I wanted to do it partially in the garage, to cut down on the cold a little bit. Granted that upped the irritation level, but I got it down in about an hour.
While I was putting on the last tire, I noticed ROTATION in large block letters with arrows pointing in the way the tire should rotate.
The one I was putting on seemed to be in the right direction, but were the others?
I had to swap two of them(which I guess makes sense).
This time I did it out in the driveway, mucho faster and easier.
It pays to look at what you’re doing sometimes 🙂