Day: December 17, 2007

Sooo close

Still fighting with Ubuntu and graphic stuff.

Here’s what I wanted to do:
-use the new compiz graphic enhancements
-play City of Heroes

When I install Cedega and do the test, I get all green.
But I can’t use compiz.
When I install the glx drivers, I get compiz, but not OpenGL(which is needed for COH).

After bashing around on the interwebs, I find that the proprietary drivers from ATI will allow me to do both.
Actually, I don’t think that’s said anywhere, I was just hoping.
Turns out I was right, and it does allow me to do both.

For those wanting to do it, go here:
He lists a slightly outdated driver.
I tried the latest, it’s poopy. I tried this one, and it’s great.

One slight snag….COH seems to crash the instant I try to do anything.


I still don’t think I should just through so many hoops just to get this stuff to work.
But to be honest, what I’m trying to do is use a bunch of third party stuff and get them all to agree on things.
That’s just never easy.


I pushed my luck and tried to get 7.10 working last night.
Many things just kinda exploded and I decided that since I hadn’t put that much into 7.04, I’d just start fresh and do a new install.

Well, to my happy surprise everything just kinda worked.
It was weird.
Sure, I still had to manually set my sound card, and I booted for the first time in safe mode(just in case) but since then have been booting in normal mode and everything was good.

A little reading, and I got the cool desktop graphics thingy working.
So all in all pretty good. It might actually stay this time.

Then I installed Cedega so that I could play COH(which I did get working).
It didn’t want to start the COH install process.
So I made it do a debug log. A 2 gig debug log apparently.
One of the things that I saw was a problem with graphics driver.
I ran the Cedega testing thingy(skipped it intially since everything *was* working) and it appears that it can’t run the OpenGL bit.
Looking around, I see that my restricted drivers are on and working, so I turn them off, reboot, turn them on, reboot, and still no love.
Maybe the drivers are just bad and I should remove them fully and try again.
Well, it doesn’t actually do that, at least not through the package manger.
So I fumble around and find this thing that let’s me set up the graphics.
I try that. I also see that I can use the OpenSource or Proprietary driver. Well, since it’s restricted, let’s try Proprietary.
Linux can’t find my drivers, and I’m in uber safe mode.
I configure.
Appears that I selected vesa drivers for ATI. My bad.
Select Radion(fglrx) and reboot.
Can’t find the drivers.
Apparently I STILL selected the vesa drivers.
Try again, and reboot.
At this point it’s obvious that Linux just isn’t listening. For no matter what I choose, it still comes up with vesa drivers, and I’m stuck with 800×600 uber safe mode.

Hi, I’d like to use the Radion drivers please.
No, Radion.
Oh, vesa drivers.
No…no, Radion….R A
No, no, wait. Radion drivers. You had them, I saw them.
Oh, those. We’re out.
But I see them right there!
Those, no, it’s just for display.
Can I have the display ones then? It’s really what I want.
No, sorry, if I gave them to you, then we wouldn’t have any for display.
But the Vesa you gave me don’t work.
Well then, you should get the Radion ones.

And so on and so forth until I just give up and restore the 7.04 that I smartly backed up.

Until I find that the backup image isn’t working…