Cheap Ink

When I bought the printer, I knew that I would need extra ink.
For my printer, there are 4 cartridges.
Once per colour and one for black.

At Bestbuy, the colour ones come in a handy single pack for $71.
The black you get get in a two pack for $40(more or less).

That seems like a lot of money to me, and I knew this is how these companies make their money.

So I found

Recycled cartridges are $8 each, so $32 to fill up the printer again.
What I didn’t realize until it showed up today is that these are filled with ink already. For some reason I expected them to be empty.

Also, refills are $20 for 6(of each colour) and $27 for 12 of the black.

So for the $90 I spent(taxes are in there as well) I have 7 colour refills and 14 black ones(bought two cartridges for some reason).

In comparison, that would cost me $777 from Bestbuy….egad!
Wait, and that’s $885 after taxes!

Double Gah!

Granted, I haven’t tried this ink yet, it might be too good to be true.

But still….

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