Back at work on the second day of the new year.
Still mostly doing nothing.
I hope to actually clean my desk today and organize it a little better.

I think the party went well. I have to admit that I had far too much to drink, and there are points that are a little fuzzy.
Well, there are parts that are missing, but I’m confident that I didn’t do something unusually stupid.

We almost missed midnight, and I think we all looked at the clock at the same time and did a mad scramble into the kitchen to get the bottle open.
At least that’s how I remembered it.
The hour between midnight and 1am are mostly a blur. I know that I smoked a cigar, talked about cuba, then saw people leave.
But it’s the details that are missing.

Just in case, if I did anything really dumb, can someone please tell me?


I should make some resolutions for the new year. But maybe I’ll just make a big ass to-do list, post it, and then create penalties if I don’t reach those specific goals by the dates.
They won’t be huge penalties, but something that I have to give up/donate, or maybe buy extra of or something.
I’ll have to give this some thought.

I want to say that I almost have the finance program done. I want to say that, but I’ve hit this really odd snag.
I wrote the bulk of it on one PHP page, and that’s fine, it’s the page that’s going to do the bulk of the work.
But I have these three other pages that are just data-entry pages, no real calculations(yet), and for some reason they aren’t writing to the tables.
I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m just not seeing.
Maybe I’ll sort that tonight.

Well, off to do something.


  1. packetfire

    We’re not talking to you any more after that Incident ™ at the party…


  2. sidekickca

    I’m glad no permanent damage was done then 😛


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