When I posted this ages ago, did someone download it?
And if so, do you still have it?

Knowing me, it’s somewhere, but it’s probably gone.
Not that I need IT as such, but some of the ideas in it I’d like to use elsewhere.

There’s a lesson in here somewhere…

EDIT: and the lesson here is apparently check your gmail.
I was smart(it happens) and emailed it to myself.

One thought on “phpPimp

  1. Excellent!

    (I did have a copy, but due to a semi-recent, recurring bout of reinstallitis I dropped a lot of stuff… Now I don’t have to feel bad… I was going to do something with that, wasn’t I? Python? My memory is so fried… My apologies…)

    Google is becoming my backup tool of choice as well.

    (That should probably bother me a little more than it does…)

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