Day: February 27, 2008


Finally saw it.
It’s short.
IMDB clocks it at 85 minutes, but a good 10 of that is credits.
And there’s something after the credits, just not sure what.

Overall, I liked it. Street view of a Godzilla film, although it’s not Godzilla, it might as well have been.

The handy/shaky cam thing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and added something to the feel.

Not sure it needed to be seen on the big screen, but that’s where I was 🙂

And now, sleep.


Does anyone remember when they used to play music on the radio?

I really have to get that MP3 player installed.

With the new car, I have these performance type tires. Not so helpful in the snow.
I was slipping and sliding everywhere this morning.
I’d get winter tires, but that’s $900 I just don’t have 😦