Month: March 2008


At Bayshore, waiting for Tara to be done doing whatever she’s doing. Hopefully we didnt pass each other and she’s waiting somewhere else 🙂

Cops and Bugs

Tara and I popped over to McDs for dinner, and when we came out the entire place was swarming with cops.
At first I thought it was an accident, but they were hauling all sorts of people away. And I mean all sorts.
There was an Arab guy, a black teenager and an old lady. I’d love to know the story behind that one.
But more importantly, they had my car blocked in. They moved to clear it pretty quickly, so that was nice of them.

I swear, there must have been 10-12 cops there, all in armor.

And Starship Troopers is still good cheesy fun.

Edit: Oh, and I have the best fiancee evar!
She got me an Iron Man slurpee. Mine’s the one on the right.
She rocks!


It’s really early.

I’m up so I can possibly talk to a guy in France. It’s 9:30 there.
He didn’t get the memo though.

So the question:
-do I go back to sleep and wake up every hour and check?
-is it really that important?
-or do I stay up because I’m mostly awake anyway?

I’m voting more towards the going back to sleep part.
Maybe I’ll get up again at 6. That gives me another 90 minutes. Not too shabby.

Canada Post

You know, it’s a miracle that anything sent through CanadaPOst arrives at it’s destination in one piece.

Let me tell you two stories.

1. I ordered an MP3 player from FutureShop. After making the order and checking to see if it shipped, I realised that the postal code was wrong. No problem right, I mean, the rest of the address is perfectly fine.
Well, apparently no one at CP reads addresses, just postal codes.
After delivery was attempted to the wrong location(based soley on the PC), it was delayed another 2 days as they tried to figure out where I lived.
2 Days!
When they could have just read the address that was right there on the freaking box!


2. Working from home. My office window faces the supermailbox.
Mail dude in his mini-van shows up to load the box. Pulls out two large boxes and places them on the van.
At this point I wonder if he’ll remember they’re there.
Then he backs up, boxes still on van. Hmmm. Maybe he’s backing up to deliver?
No, just a random house. Then he drive off. Boxes still on van.
At least he doesn’t get far as he delivers boxes to my place.

So yea, can’t read an address, and delivers boxes via van top.

Canada Post, you suck.

Appleseed: Ex Machina

Just finished watching, and I have to say, while I liked it, it wasn’t very much like Appleseed.
That’s kind of a weird thing to say I guess.

I’ve been a fan of Appleseed for as long as I can remember, and while this had all the characters and tech of Appleseed, it was very much not an Appleseed movie.
That really didn’t help 🙂

It was produced by John Woo, so it was a John Woo film set in the Appleseed universe.
Maybe that’s better.

It’s good. The action is great(unless you’re not a Woo fan) and the pacing is wonderful.
It was just a little too over the top. Deunan and Briareos were just too good. Too powerful.
I mean, they’re great cops(ESWAT) but they’re not super human. OK, Briareos is, but he has an excuse 😉

So yea, liked it, liked it enough to buy it(I knew I would anyway) and I’m interested to see if they do something like this every few years.
I suppose the world and background is large enough to do a lot of stories.

Maybe get some different producer/director combos, and let people do things in their own style.
Like the Animatrix.

Speaking of which, Batman: Gotham Knight looks to be really really cool 😀

Day 1…

Pretty much wasted the day. This, this is not a bad thing.
I dropped Tara off at work(second to last day) and watched some anime(Appleseed:Ex Machina) and farted around with some audio app.
So I guess it wasn’t wasted.

Just finished watching Michael Clayton, and it was good.

Tomorrow…uhhh…more of the same?

What are all you doing with your weekend?

4, count em!

Looking down the barrel of a long weekend.
4 Day baby!

And for parts of it, it’ll actually be a little busy.

Tara more or less moves in this weekend, with everything but furniture and odds and ends.
That all happens next weekend and should take like about an hour.
After this weekend, she’s not working the second job, so she might actually be able to get some sleep 🙂

Then Easter stuff to deal with. Not sure if dinner’s going to be Sunday or Monday. I think we’re all leaning towards Sunday.

On the MP3 front, still not really happy with Media Monkey. It’s just not showing a lot of love.
That’s mostly with RSS feeds for podcasts. Maybe the way it’s reading them, maybe it’s just he way the servers are presenting them. Hard to say.
Mind you, I would like something that didn’t remind me from time to time that I should really buy the full version.
I liked that about winamp, but that had it’s own problems.
Mind you, because I’ve used winamp for so long, I really don’t know what else is out there.

Songbird isn’t ready.
Media Jukebox 12 just doesn’t give me helpful podcast options.
There was some other one I tried…
Anyone suggest anything?
I might try all this again in Linux.

Keeping Busy

While Tara was working her second job(not for much longer, Woo!) I had to keep myself busy.
So, this is what I did.

I fixed the upstairs toilet. The tank wouldn’t stop filling. It wasn’t running back into the bowl though, so the flapper was fine. It was the fill valve that was bust-ass.
Moving the arm all the way to the top didn’t stop the water, so that cinched it.
The upside(as such) is that it’s a $16 repair. The kits are cheap, and you can replace both the flapper and the fill valve.
It’s easy work as things are just screwed into place with some plastic nuts.
Little messy, but all in all, pretty easy.

Then I fixed the sink.
Well, I cleaned the junk out of the sink. That was gross.
I suspect I’ll have to do it to all of them here as the house inspecter noted that they all drain slowly.
I found out why.
Double Gross.

Then…hmmm…what else did I do?
I did buy a bike for Tara. It was more like I picked up a bike for Tara as she’ll pay me back.
It’s the Canadian Tire house brand(supercycle or something) but they’re solid machines for little cash.
I’ll be getting one shortly then we can bike everywhere.
That reminds me, I’ll need a helmet. I can only skirt the law so much 🙂
I’ll get flames on my helmet, or horns!
Yea, big ass viking horns!
Tara will be so happy…..

New Toys

In what I think will be my last toy purchase of the year(for myself at least) I finally got in a pre-order from ToysLogic.
It consisted of:

And an Encore Transformer, Iron Hide.
This is pretty much the exact same as the original one from the 80’s, and that’s why I wanted it.
For whatever reason, I always wanted this Transformer, maybe because it had a mobile base, hard to say.
Anyway, now I have it, I’m more complete than I was yesterday 😉


OK, so I kinda blew the whole blog365, we’ll just pretend it happened.
I suppose I could go back later and just backdate some entries, but I doubt I will.

Got my MP3 player today, a Sandisk Sansa e260.
Snazzy little unit, and at 4 gig for $100, not bad at all.

So far, the only problem I have(well, it’s not so much me) is that Winamp crashes every time it’s connected.
But that’s fine, apparently I have to jump through a lot of hoops to make it work properly with that anyway.
So Media Monkey is the winner so far.
There are things I don’t like(the general interface is kinda…irritating) but it handles podcasts well and syncs the player well enough.

I really didn’t know how much 4 gigs really was. And here I was thinking that I want the 100 or 300 gig models of iPods.
Granted, that would be my whole collection with me every where I go, but still.

And the Sansa also has a micro-sd slot to allow for more media.
Which is fine in theory, but then you realise that a 4 gig card is the same price add-on as the 8 gig model.
Oh well 😀

All in all, it’s nice.
I’ll need better headphones, not a real fan of buds.
I’ll test it all out at work tomorrow, see how it really handles.