Cover Art Meme

Fun stuff!

Stolen from , who stole it from

Here’s the rules:

Step 1: Obtain a name for your band by using Wikipedia’s random page selector tool, and using the title of whichever page pops up. THIS WILL BE YOUR BAND’S NAME, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. No cheating.

Step 2. Generate an album title by cutting and pasting the last four words of the final quote on the page you get by clicking this random quote selector tool. THAT IS YOUR ALBUM TITLE, BY GOLLY.

Step 3: Find your album artwork by clicking on this link to get a Flickr photo that’s licensed under Creative Commons. YOU MUST USE THIS PHOTO AS YOUR ALBUM ART, GOT IT MISTER?!

Step 4: Using Photoshop (or whichever program you prefer), mash all of these elements together and create your very own fictional CD cover. Ta-da.

Here’s mine:

3 thoughts on “Cover Art Meme

  1. Hey there,
    Great album cover! Glad to see you picked up the meme. And many thanks for posting the link to the Record blog (it’s mine, and I’m always looking to get more hits).
    Do you mind if I publish your CD cover in a future blog or issue of The Record?

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