Day: April 11, 2008

Dear eMusic

Please change your Contact Us form.

Having to put in my name, fine.
My email address, no problem.
Phone number optional, sure.
Last eight digits of my credit card? As a mandatory field?
Uh, no, not gonna happen.

Oh, and when you send out an email newsletter with an email address in it, the one you want us to use to ask questions, please make sure that address is active before sending the letter.
That’s just dumb.



Wandered into a Games Workshop store while Tara was off doing girl shopping(this way I don’t follow her around like a sad puppy) and wondered if they had any Blood Bowl stuff.
For whatever reason I had a hankering.
To my complete and utter non-surprise, they didn’t.
What I didn’t know though was that all the rules were available, legally like, online.
And, AND, they’re still being updated.

Now just to find a Bloodbowl game.
They’re apparently still available from GW for about $85CDN.
Considering what you get, that’s not too bad.

But wait!
There’s this cool java app that let’s you do all that for free!
It takes care of all the fiddly things, like rolls and rules, and just let’s you play BB against…whomever.
You can host a game, join a game, WATCH a game(coolio) or play with yourself.
It appears nice and customizable, and the teams are all in html, so it’s easy to edit.
Also, it saves the results of the match, which is cool.

It’s so cool and easy, I’m thinking of starting a mini-league.
Anyone interested?

I guess the idea here is that, if I have enough people, I can set up a mini-tournament, and those involved can all decide amongst themselves when a good time to play is.
I might even make a site for this 🙂
Woo! Another time killing project!

Anyway, if you want to get started, you can download all the docs from:
The java app is there as well.
The official site for the docs is:

Any takers?