On the importance of keeping the instructions

Tara has been sick for the past few days. She was like this in January, and for whatever reason it’s come back.
It’s not a good sick, but I suppose what is?
Anyway, because her mother was sick like this when she was pregnant, Tara tested herself.
She came into the room, very worried, and holding the test.
The test had two lines on it.
Not really sure, I thought it might be a false positive, so pack Qanuk into the car and off to Shoppers we go.
While there, I notice that the one she showed me looked just like the Life brand test, and on that it said that two lines meant negative.
A line and a plus was positive.
I pick up a different brand anyway, we(she) tests again, and negative.

So, unless you do it all the time, don’t throw out the box with the cryptic signs on it.

Lesson learned.

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