New 419

It’s funny really.

I’ve received a lot of 419 scams in my life. Some people say that you shouldn’t deal with these people as they can be dangerous.
The way I see it, unless I actually give out personal info, there’s no real way that they can harm me.

But today, I wonder 😉
I actually got a death threat. Well, sorta.
Apparently, one of friends “wants you dead by all means, and the person have spent a lot of money on this”.

Which one of you want’s me dead!?!
I’m just a little hurt 🙂

The letter goes on to say that he’ll make a deal with me, and let me live if I send $8000 to him.
If I give him the money he “might just spear your life”.
Which really doesn’t sound any better.

Anyway, I’m going to go along with this, after all, I’d like to think I have a life worth spearing.

One thought on “New 419

  1. Whut, you don’t think my last blog post was just a co-inky-dink, do you?

    –Centurion, don’t bother trying to zero in the scope too finely before the break-in period has been completed.

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