Day: May 28, 2008

I want to use Linux

I really really do, but it obviously doesn’t want me as a user.

I installed Ubuntu, had the usual sound issue, resolved it, and was happy.

Then I thought, hey, what about Virtual Box, let’s take that for a spin.
I installed it, set up a virtual partition and started the machine.
It tells me I need to install some kind of kernel add-on.
No problem says I!
Fire up the package manager, find the thingy with the whatsit, and install away!
Then I have to reboot apparently(right, kernel thing)
I do, and Linux no longer detects my video card.
play around with some gui thing, reboot, and all is fixed.
Well, fixed in 800×600.
Install some updates, reboot, and all is fixed again(at the right resolution).
I fire up Virtual box, it tells me I have to be added to a group.
I add myself to the group, log out, login, and fire it up again.
It does something!
I begin to install windows!
Double Woo!

Pleased with myself, I fire up the old MP3 player and….no sound card.
Must have installed another Kernel update.
Well, go through the usual Ubuntu sound forum page, and remove/install the sound software.

I decided to wait until windows was done.


Now it can’t recover from my linux image…

I don’t even know what that means!

Fucking computers…