Day: June 23, 2008

Random Things

Overheard at the restaurant:
And I’ll have the fish and chips.
Did you want fries with that?
–if no, wouldn’t that just be fish?

How does one throw out a garbage can?

I bet Remembrance Day is a little awkward in Germany.

I had more but I’ve forgotten.
I think this is why I should post more often.

The first one is true, the others are not mine.


George(orgeorge) Carlin has died.
Apparently due to heart failure.
That’s a shame really, he was rather good 🙂

I remember first listening to his stuff during the afternoon of the “sports day” at school.
We all would choose the field events to participate(and fail) in so that we had the afternoon to hang out and just lie on the grass during all the track events.
Chris would bring his George Carlin tapes and we all enjoyed them.
It was dirty enough to be taboo, but overall really really funny stuff.

And to this day, if I have to spell George, in my head it’s always orgeorgeorge….


One of the things that my work has a problem with is interoperability.
But this isn’t just with software, it’s with EVERYTHING.
Each site seems to be it’s own island in terms of how things are done.
This is generally a pain in the butt when you have to actually talk to other teams(which I do a lot).

So the fact that I was able to connect to the wireless network without any change came as a complete surprise 🙂

But that’s what keeps things interesting I guess.

Training 1

At the training now.
It seems like it’s more of a seminar instead of actual training.
Looking around, and listening to conversations, it also appears to be geared towards the sales team instead of really technical.
Which is ok, because I’m not 100% up on the technical side of this thing yet.

Which reminds me, I should start working on some linux vm images for my team.
See, we have these servers in Toronto, but they seem to be working at the whim of the TO team, which isn’t really helpful.
I want to make some images so that we can have working systems locally on our laptops(or desktops). I suspect I’ll be doing that a lot on my own time, but it’s tinkering, and I like to do that 🙂


Hotel is alright. LCD tvs in the common and bedroom. Nice big tub but no free breakfast and the coffee machine seems to be broken 😦
I’ll hit a grocery store tonight so that I can make my own breakfasts. No coffee maker oatmeal though, it’s one of those two cup makers(you know what I mean).
But I’ll sort it out, I always do.

That, and the $22 breakfast I had this morning was more like a $4 breakfast. But that’s hotels for you.
The bed is nice 🙂

So yea, security. I took my jacket off and put it through the scanner. Guy was looking for a pair of scissors that I didn’t have. He holds up the jacket, still looking, and comments “boy you’ve got a lot of pockets”, my response is, “Yea, 32 :)”

Other than that, it was uneventful.
I have a KIA Rondo as a rental. Nice, and apparently it can seat 7, although with the people I know, that would really be cramped 😉

As a family car, it wouldn’t be bad. Cheap feeling though. But it is a KIA afterall.

Almost go time, more later.


Blogging, wishing i had a qwerty keyboard. Doing this on a phone just isnt the same. Anyway. At the airport. Waiting to board and fly to TO for the week. Tara pair i have to learn something otherwise she’s gonna kill me. 😉 ill do more when i get to the hotel.