Day 2 for training.

Learning more today. Stuff that I’ll probably have to know a little about when people call on me.
If nothing else, I can at least tell them to talk to someone else.
I would normally, but now I can do it with some authority 😉

Sushi last night was amazing, and cheap. So I’ll go back tonight, but with a better idea of what to order.
It used to be that Unagi was king shit for suhsi, but now, not so much.
I’ve had so many different types that I’m finding plain old Unagi…plain and old.
Kinda like Tuna.
Still good, just not great.

Last night it was shrimp with rice and salmon on top. Wicked.

Going to hook up with TO people tomorrow. It’s gaming night.
Yea, Tara is shocked(and at the same time not) that I’d still be gaming away from home.
COH is just a little addictive. That, and I have a good group, so that helps a lot.

Complained about the broken coffee maker, and it should be fixed when I get back.
That way I can have tea or coffee with breakfast, instead of the Coke I had this morning.
That just felt a little weird.

Anyway, back to the “grind” 🙂

One thought on “806

  1. Good to hear that training is going well!

    Coke for breakfast is evil (I’ve tried it… Ugh!)

    Here’s hoping you have better luck with the coffee maker tomorrow!

    (Cold coffee works okay too… Grab some instant (probably heretical I know), and chuck in a thermos with some water. Stir and let it sit overnight (I usually opt for a pitcher and the fridge)… Passable, and still not Coke! If you’ve got a 2-cup maker though…)

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