Month: July 2008


SCATTERGORIES: Copy the text below, erase my answers, then use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things.. nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

BEVERAGE: Bong Water(beer was just too easy)
FOOD: Bread Stick
PLACE: Bethesda(I think…)
REASON FOR BEING LATE: botched effort

Weekend Update

Well, a little more than the weekend, but I can’t think of anything witty right now 😛

Thursday the gang and I saw Batman.
It was awesome.

The Joker was as sick and twisted as he should always have been. Jack did a decent job sure, but Heath owned that role.
So much so that he drew all the attention from Batman, which is probably the point.
And I liked how they dealt with Two-Face. It wasn’t a battle royal like SpiderMan3, it was done in such a way that having two villains on screen made sense.
When you see it you’ll understand 🙂

Friday was pizza and…can’t remember.
Oh yea, prepping the church doors and windows for painting. Knew there was something else.

Saturday was spent running errands. I got some track pants and proper shoes for walking.
Then we had dinner with friends of Tara’s from University and watched some decent comedy.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day. Went to Walmart to get fabric for various things, then the fabric had goop on it and we didn’t get any.

Tried a few times to see my gran, but she was sleeping.
I should check with my folks as to when the best time might be, but it could still be hit and miss.

And now it’s Monday.
Not sure what to do today.
I should clean the home office, and properly organize it.
Mind you, that could be a life long task 🙂

Weekend stuff

Saturday was partly spent going to Upper Canada Village to check out if it was a good place to have the wedding.
Last Christmas we both attended the light festival, and during that time we popped into the little church and we both liked it.
So we went back.
We didn’t get a good vibe this time. All we wanted to do was have a quick tour around to look at a couple of places.
They didn’t seem very accommodating to people doing their own wedding plan tour, and expected you to get with their coordinator(which I’m sure would cost).
I suppose that’s their prerogative, but it rubbed us the wrong way.
That, and it’s in the middle of no-where and a long drive away.
The other place we went to, Cumberland Heritage Museam, seemed to be bending over backwards to help us. They even let us tour the area for free.
The rates were about the same, but I think the overall location was just better.
The only trick is that it would be an outside reception, or just a covered one(but not indoors) so that’s a gamble.

Then we went out on a date.
I wanted to take her to this Drive-In Restaurant, but somehow got the city wrong.
No, not just the address, the entire city!
I had popped the address into gmaps, and it led me totally astray.
160 Chesterville Queen, Chesterville, ON K0C1H0 will get you this, and the resturant is actually closer to here.
Not helpful 🙂
Anyway, we went somewhere else for dinner.
Then ice cream, and a walk down the river.
Great night overall 🙂

Sunday was mostly shopping, trying to see my Gran(she was alseep) and a little sleep ourselves.

Tara and I have gotten into playing Guitar Hero at night, a few songs here and there.
It’s fun stuff 🙂

Anyway, guess I should go work or something.

High Speed

Got the Rogers cable modem in yesterday.

Did a speed test, and I went from 2.5 to 6.9. Nice 🙂
The upload is a little slower, but not by any great amount. It was never that good to begin with.

However, Rogers is also throttling torrent bandwidth, and apparently encrypted bandwidth(which just seems like a bad idea).

Not sure if I’ve really noticed that part, but I don’t do a ton of downloading that way anymore.
It would have affected me a few years ago, but not so much now.

What I did notice was that, when I’m on the phone and surfing, there’s no dropped voice. That’s nice 🙂

Monday Monday

Except that it’s Tuesday, but there’s no Tuesday Tuesday song.

Totally lax in updating and stuff, so here goes!

-Dog ran away Wednesday. Tara and I searched and searched, turns out she was on the next street over visiting some kids and nice adults 🙂
-Tara and I saw Great Big Sea on Friday at BluesFest. Free tickets rock, as did the show.
The IBM tent could have been further from the stange, but then it would be outside of BluesFest.
-Went scouting around for wedding locations. Well, one so far. It’s a fun thing to do and actually makes the wedding seem real instead of this “thing that’s happening one day”
-Then dinner at the Works. SK8TER Boy burger FTW!
-Sunday dinner with the folks and nephew. Qanuk was herding Simon around and he loved it 🙂
-Ran the dog over with the bike yesterday. At full gallop and she cut in front of me. Doesn’t seem any worse for wear though, but I suspect she won’t do that for a little while 🙂
-Getting Rogers to install Cable internet today. With any luck it won’t be affected by the weather.

Other than that, there’s only the day to day stuff to report.
I should really post more, because there’s all this cute little stuff that I’ve forgotten about.
But I think I say that every time I post 🙂


Conducting some training today.
Actually, it’s more like an over view of a tool that people will eventually use.
And by eventually, I mean about a year from now.
So I have all the slides on a stick and can pass that around.

In usual IBM fashion people are walking in whenever they want.
That’s ok, it’s kind of off the cuff training anyway.


Mostly good weekend.

Saturday was partially spent biking with Tara and Qanuk down the Rockcliff parkway.
It was a nice sunny day, and since we were right by the water, it was breezy enough so that we didn’t die 🙂
Qanuk loved it, pretty much running for 90 minutes straight.
Irritating in that she wasn’t tired when we got home.

We had a nice little picnic as well.

The only problem is that we had to borrow my Dad’s Nitro. Not that it was a pain to do so, but it would be nice to be able to use our own car. I have to look into getting those back bike racks for the hatch.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent doing our own projects.
Tara is starting a quilt and I’m trying to organize and clean the office.
Not to mention putting all the toys on display.
It’s kinda fun to see how much I really have, and I’m actually throwing some stuff out, and plan to sell some others at the garage sale that we’re having one day 🙂