Monday Monday

Except that it’s Tuesday, but there’s no Tuesday Tuesday song.

Totally lax in updating and stuff, so here goes!

-Dog ran away Wednesday. Tara and I searched and searched, turns out she was on the next street over visiting some kids and nice adults 🙂
-Tara and I saw Great Big Sea on Friday at BluesFest. Free tickets rock, as did the show.
The IBM tent could have been further from the stange, but then it would be outside of BluesFest.
-Went scouting around for wedding locations. Well, one so far. It’s a fun thing to do and actually makes the wedding seem real instead of this “thing that’s happening one day”
-Then dinner at the Works. SK8TER Boy burger FTW!
-Sunday dinner with the folks and nephew. Qanuk was herding Simon around and he loved it 🙂
-Ran the dog over with the bike yesterday. At full gallop and she cut in front of me. Doesn’t seem any worse for wear though, but I suspect she won’t do that for a little while 🙂
-Getting Rogers to install Cable internet today. With any luck it won’t be affected by the weather.

Other than that, there’s only the day to day stuff to report.
I should really post more, because there’s all this cute little stuff that I’ve forgotten about.
But I think I say that every time I post 🙂

One thought on “Monday Monday

  1. Stef and I were considering Dow’s Lake Pavillion when we started looking around, but they had construction going on during that time. I thought it would be cool to get married overlooking Dow’s lake.

    For you I recommend getting married at the Silver Snail or the Comic Book Shoppe.

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