Month: August 2008

Holy HDD Batman!

Sitting in front of me are 10 hard drives.
They range in size from 2.5 gigs to 300 gigs.
Only one(300) is SATA, the rest are just ATA.

This is what happens when you don’t throw anything out.

But since most of them work, I’m thinking file server or linux box.
Or both!

Wanted to do a linux box anyway 🙂


Been reading this blog

, turns out it has nothing to do with the real series and is just fan-fic.
But it did make me want to make my own sonic screwdriver.
Granted, I can buy a cheapy one for $15, so I wonder if it’s worth it…

Weekend Update

Saturday was the big old garage sale!
We started bright and early at 9am and moved a bunch of stuff out into the driveway.
It was stupid busy between 9 and 10:30, then stalled.
I got rid of a lot of books, although only one computer book; “Gotta learn bash sometime”. I agree.

All in all we made $105 so that’s not too bad. So good in fact that we didn’t bother setting up for Sunday.
Mind you, all the stuff is still sitting in the garage, so we might have to load the car up and make a trip to the sally-ann.

Sunday was spent sleeping in and getting grocery shopping done. This took a lot longer than we had planned and just had enough time to watch more Friday Night Lights and then head to the folks for dinner.

Along the way Tara noticed someone’s butt and the following happened:
T: I want her ass. Well, not in that way, but I want it.
B:Wha, huh?
T: Her ass, it’s great. Seriously, slow down and look at it.
Trap! Trap! Trap!
B: Uh, no, it’s too late.
T: Good boy.


Tropic Thunder

I really wanted to like this, I really really did.
But I just couldn’t.
Other than the occasional chuckle, it was just, poor.

And there was way too much useless swearing. It’s not that it offends me, it’s just a cover for crappy writing. Anyone can swear, it takes a useful writer to not.

And that’s why I like Eddie Izzard. But he wasn’t in the movie. Good thing too.

I should have known better, but I didn’t.

So we walked out about an hour into it. I totally lost interest and Tara did as well, although she lost interest in it much sooner than I did.

I think this is one of two movies that I’ve walked out on. The second Zoro movie was one.
And I stayed all through Torque. And it was the only movie that nearly made me vomit it was so bad.

So, as a warning, stay away from Tropic Thunder.

Garage Sale Day 1

And possibly the only day.
Well, we cut it short to 1:30 and for our morning we made $105.
That’s after the initial cash/change, and money for the paper ad.
So all in all not too shabby.

Tomorrow we’ll do it again, but probably for not as long, and maybe a little earlier.
Who knows.



  comes the following:

1.Okay, first off… how’d you tabulate your comment results?

-I cheated, much like everyone else 🙂 is the place to get the stats.
Basically you have to be logged in, then do some stuff, save a page, and then copy/paste.
It’s actually too easy 🙂

2.Other than that, what do you recommend in the way of sushi?
-oh my where to start 😉
Well, I started with simple things. Tuna and tempura shrimp are easy.
Next move to some salmon, then try the eel(get the rolls, not the stuff on the rice).
Once you’ve stomached all of that, then go nuts. Try stuff/combinations that you haven’t tried before.
For the most part, the “spicy” sushi isn’t 😉
Stuff with tempura bits are always always tasty.
Also, each sushi place I’ve been too has their way of doing things, and also a dish that isn’t likely to be anywhere else.
Sushi Kanata(which I still think is the best in Ottawa) has a Spicy Salmon Tempura that’s killer!

How one eats their sushi varies as well. Some people, like

, loads a lot of wasabi in his soy sauce and invariably ends up with a large surprise chunk. 😀
I stayed away from it at first, but put some in later.
If it’s something new, then I try it without anything on it.

Food experimentation is always fun.

With the eggs, try something with them. I can’t eat a single scrambled egg unless it has either cheese or ketchup on/in it. I now have 2 eggs and cheese everyday for breakfast. Can’t get enough 🙂
Also, add a little cream in there when you’re scrambling.
Just my 2cents.



Anything you want to know?

If I can answer it or make it up, I’ll do so.

Bass, how low did I go?

Death Row, what a brother know…
I think that’s all I remember.

Anyway, while cleaning up and sorting out for the garage sale, I ran into my old bass.

It’s not the original colour or anything. It was all stripped down by Doug and repainted. The only flat black we could find was BBQ paint, so that’s what we used 🙂

The skull is from ShadowRun, and hand painted by Doug.

I remember this day fondly.
I was with Doug and we went to this used instrument place. In all honesty, I’m not even sure if it’s still around.
Anyway, it was really the only bass within my price range. Good old Baron Bass. Don’t remember the model, didn’t really care anyway.
It was $90 and came with a really crappy case that had to be held together with rope.
Took it home and plugged it into Dougs little amp, but of course we had the distortion peddle 🙂

Couldn’t do much, just got the damn thing, but it was a lot of fun to try to make new noises!
And that’s what we did for a couple of hours.

As to why I got the thing in the first place, well, we wanted to start a band, and the only thing left was bass or drums. Wasn’t going to get drums, so bass it was.

When I had more money, I got Doug to repaint it.
Didn’t really use it much as I got a better one for Christmas(not sure if it was the same year or not) but it was used. Old high school friend Wes used it for a little while for his band(that actually went forward) and then he got a better one and I got this one back.

I’ve had this thing since I was 15…half my life.

And now it’s time to let it go.

Moving on….

Classified Ads

Wanted to post an ad in the Ottawa Sun for the garage sale.
It was going to run Thursday to Sunday.
Apparently I was 6 lines, and that was going to cost $65!
Hellz no!

That, and they’re a bunch of fools as they don’t seem to be able to give me a straight answer on anything.

The Citizen on the other hand has it all online, no human contact, and while it’s only one day, it’s gonna only cost $25.

I like online over talking to people. I’m just that way 🙂