Day: August 11, 2008

whoa! Update

Oh that’s right, I have a blog!

There’s been a lot going on, and more to come as well.

Tara and I think we have the final place for our wedding.
We’re both kinda kidding ourselves saying we’re trying to keep our mind open to other places, but it’s really not looking that way.
We pretty much fell in love with the place on the tour.
I’ll let you know what it is when we’ve put the money down.
And at that point I can also give you a date 🙂

The dog has been making messes recently in the house. We think it’s because she ate part of a chicken carcass that the raccoons got out of our trash. I suspect it’s running its course, but it’s been happening every day since Saturday night.
Kinda getting tired of it really, but she hasn’t eaten anything else since, so I’m trying to empty her out.
We’ll see what happens at lunch. If she hasn’t made a mess, then I’ll take her for a run.
Then maybe some dinner.

Also, she doesn’t seem to care for the Pepto.

Shayne and his clan are coming up for the week(or at least most of it) so that should be fun.
Since we have more beds, I’ll have less kids camping in the halls 🙂

Went and saw this,, and it was a really good time.
I’m not sure if it was $60 good, but it was really really fun.
I really liked the freak show,, and I snagged a signed poster from them.
Good times.
That, and they had a ferris wheel. I suspect this is where my fear of heights started. 🙂

I’m trying to think of what else has been going on. This is probably why I should blog more often 🙂