Day: August 20, 2008

Bass, how low did I go?

Death Row, what a brother know…
I think that’s all I remember.

Anyway, while cleaning up and sorting out for the garage sale, I ran into my old bass.

It’s not the original colour or anything. It was all stripped down by Doug and repainted. The only flat black we could find was BBQ paint, so that’s what we used 🙂

The skull is from ShadowRun, and hand painted by Doug.

I remember this day fondly.
I was with Doug and we went to this used instrument place. In all honesty, I’m not even sure if it’s still around.
Anyway, it was really the only bass within my price range. Good old Baron Bass. Don’t remember the model, didn’t really care anyway.
It was $90 and came with a really crappy case that had to be held together with rope.
Took it home and plugged it into Dougs little amp, but of course we had the distortion peddle 🙂

Couldn’t do much, just got the damn thing, but it was a lot of fun to try to make new noises!
And that’s what we did for a couple of hours.

As to why I got the thing in the first place, well, we wanted to start a band, and the only thing left was bass or drums. Wasn’t going to get drums, so bass it was.

When I had more money, I got Doug to repaint it.
Didn’t really use it much as I got a better one for Christmas(not sure if it was the same year or not) but it was used. Old high school friend Wes used it for a little while for his band(that actually went forward) and then he got a better one and I got this one back.

I’ve had this thing since I was 15…half my life.

And now it’s time to let it go.

Moving on….

Classified Ads

Wanted to post an ad in the Ottawa Sun for the garage sale.
It was going to run Thursday to Sunday.
Apparently I was 6 lines, and that was going to cost $65!
Hellz no!

That, and they’re a bunch of fools as they don’t seem to be able to give me a straight answer on anything.

The Citizen on the other hand has it all online, no human contact, and while it’s only one day, it’s gonna only cost $25.

I like online over talking to people. I’m just that way 🙂