Day: August 22, 2008



  comes the following:

1.Okay, first off… how’d you tabulate your comment results?

-I cheated, much like everyone else 🙂 is the place to get the stats.
Basically you have to be logged in, then do some stuff, save a page, and then copy/paste.
It’s actually too easy 🙂

2.Other than that, what do you recommend in the way of sushi?
-oh my where to start 😉
Well, I started with simple things. Tuna and tempura shrimp are easy.
Next move to some salmon, then try the eel(get the rolls, not the stuff on the rice).
Once you’ve stomached all of that, then go nuts. Try stuff/combinations that you haven’t tried before.
For the most part, the “spicy” sushi isn’t 😉
Stuff with tempura bits are always always tasty.
Also, each sushi place I’ve been too has their way of doing things, and also a dish that isn’t likely to be anywhere else.
Sushi Kanata(which I still think is the best in Ottawa) has a Spicy Salmon Tempura that’s killer!

How one eats their sushi varies as well. Some people, like

, loads a lot of wasabi in his soy sauce and invariably ends up with a large surprise chunk. 😀
I stayed away from it at first, but put some in later.
If it’s something new, then I try it without anything on it.

Food experimentation is always fun.

With the eggs, try something with them. I can’t eat a single scrambled egg unless it has either cheese or ketchup on/in it. I now have 2 eggs and cheese everyday for breakfast. Can’t get enough 🙂
Also, add a little cream in there when you’re scrambling.
Just my 2cents.



Anything you want to know?

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