Day: August 23, 2008

Tropic Thunder

I really wanted to like this, I really really did.
But I just couldn’t.
Other than the occasional chuckle, it was just, poor.

And there was way too much useless swearing. It’s not that it offends me, it’s just a cover for crappy writing. Anyone can swear, it takes a useful writer to not.

And that’s why I like Eddie Izzard. But he wasn’t in the movie. Good thing too.

I should have known better, but I didn’t.

So we walked out about an hour into it. I totally lost interest and Tara did as well, although she lost interest in it much sooner than I did.

I think this is one of two movies that I’ve walked out on. The second Zoro movie was one.
And I stayed all through Torque. And it was the only movie that nearly made me vomit it was so bad.

So, as a warning, stay away from Tropic Thunder.

Garage Sale Day 1

And possibly the only day.
Well, we cut it short to 1:30 and for our morning we made $105.
That’s after the initial cash/change, and money for the paper ad.
So all in all not too shabby.

Tomorrow we’ll do it again, but probably for not as long, and maybe a little earlier.
Who knows.