Day: September 8, 2008


KD isn’t KD anymore.

I don’t care what Kraft says, it’s not KD.

However, a very close second to KD is PC Blue Menu Delux Cheddar Mac and Cheese.
It’s not the fat noodles, but the ones that look like KD.

I suspect it isn’t any better for you, but it tastes right, and that’s what matters.

So for all of you who were wondering where you could get your KD replacement, there you go. 

Peep and the Big Wide World

Tara and I were flipping channels Sunday(or was it Saturday) and happened across a show called Peep and the Big Wide World.
It’s a kids show that trys to teach some science to kids.
This particular episode was all about the moon.
But what really got me was a little song the duck was signing:
"Oh, I wish I were a duck–Hey! Look I already am!"
It was just that right time of morning and Tara and I were in stiches 😀