Day: September 13, 2008


So a few weeks ago we went to Michaels to get some paper.
It was 33 cents a sheet on sale.
Today we went back to exchange 10 of those sheets.
They weren’t on sale, so now they’re 99 cents.
Also keep in mind that it’s the same brand of paper.

The manager tried to make a big fuss that since the price went up, he would charge us the extra 66 cents/sheet.

We refused, polietly I think, and he caved and did the exchange.

He tried the argument of, if he bought a tv at future shop, and it was on sale, and then tried to exchange for a different tv that wasn’t on sale, he would be charged extra.

My thinking is that we bought a black ipod and exchanged it for a white one.

So, the question, were we being idiot customers or was he being an idiot manager?

Besides, another store did it without question or hassle. Should have gone back to that one. 🙂