Month: October 2008

Guess What

It’s snowing.

Bugger me.

And tonight we brave the useless drivers of Kanata all in search of slushies.

It was worth it 🙂

And now, we curl up by the fire and watch a movie.

All good if you ask me 🙂

day care

Qanuk was at doggy day care today.
Petsmart was having a “snowdog” day at their Dog Hotel, and we decided to sign her up.

Dropped her off at 11 and picked her up at 6ish and for the whole time she got to play with other huskies 😀
To say the least she enjoyed herself.
They did a review(more cute than useful) and she behaved herself and was a big old snuggle bug, which is not even remotely surprising.

Not sure I would ever board her there for any length of time, as the normal place is super uber awesome, but if I ever needed to drop her off somewhere at the last minute for a day, then I probably would.

Also, I’ll do a survey and get a $10 card for Petsmart, which is good as she needs food 🙂

Oh yea, they had doggy ice cream 😀

Weekend Work

You know the best part about working the weekend?
There is none.

So the client has db issues, deadlocks.
So I say, send me logs.
They say, sure.
Then they say, once we figure out where they are.
Where they are? These are the sorts of things you should know before you open a ticket and expect people to work on the weekend.


That was 90 minutes ago. 90 minutes to page someone to figure out where the logs might be.
And now another 30 minutes to reproduce the issue and send them to me.

I think I’ll take my sweet time when I look at them…


stuff with things on it

No badminton tonight, just didn’t have the oomph.
It could be that I felt dizzy at walmart, and still feel kinda dizzy.
Could be that I haven’t slept well all week.

I blame work.

But it can’t last. The sleeplessness that is, not the work.
Unless I win the lottery tonight, then no more work.

But the odds are poor, which is I guess the point.

Looking into making a wordpress plugin for part of the wedding site.

Oh yea, making a wedding site for Tara and myself. It’s pretty much done(other people are better at themes than I am) I just have to do odds and bobs to make it ours.

The code for the plugin is done, just have to figure out how to make it a plugin, which is the point I guess.

Did I mention work has been busy lately?
Yea, really busy.
But I guess it’s better than wondering if I’m the only one that’s bored, and because of that if I won’t have much of a job left.

Anyway, just thinking out loud.

At least the boss and bosses boss knows that we’re really swamped and knows that things might take longer than normal to solve/deal with. Which is good, because I’m behind in a lot of things.


Tara and I went to Badminton again tonight, and my calves hurt just enough to not let me sleep.
I’ve taken something for the irritating pain, but until then…

It’s not snowing yet here, but as is my understanding, we could have wet flurries.
I probably won’t see it, and that’s just fine by me 🙂

I don’t have the snow tires on yet, and I really didn’t plan on changing them until closer to December.

It’s possible that we’re not having a Helloween party this year. I guess with people having kids it makes things a little more difficult to do.
Oh well, had to happen sooner or later I guess.

Guess that’s about it for now.


Whatever method you have, however you make your decision, go out and put it into action today.

For me, it works kinda like this:
1. I acknowledge the fact that there’s a general election having been called
2. I mean to look up who’s running in my riding and read up on them
3. I put this off for one reason or another
4. I try to watch the debates and get educated about each party
5. I forget, see #3.
6. I make up a random system to vote, and here it is:
Which leader would I like to have a beer with.

I won’t let Harper and Duceppe on the property, and I’d tell
Dion to leave, but I’m not sure he’d understand me, that really just
leaves Jack.

So there you go, by process of elimination, I’m voting NDP.

It’s not the best process, but it’s the only one I can think of right now.

Whatever process you have, use it and vote.