Day: October 14, 2008


Whatever method you have, however you make your decision, go out and put it into action today.

For me, it works kinda like this:
1. I acknowledge the fact that there’s a general election having been called
2. I mean to look up who’s running in my riding and read up on them
3. I put this off for one reason or another
4. I try to watch the debates and get educated about each party
5. I forget, see #3.
6. I make up a random system to vote, and here it is:
Which leader would I like to have a beer with.

I won’t let Harper and Duceppe on the property, and I’d tell
Dion to leave, but I’m not sure he’d understand me, that really just
leaves Jack.

So there you go, by process of elimination, I’m voting NDP.

It’s not the best process, but it’s the only one I can think of right now.

Whatever process you have, use it and vote.