Day: October 22, 2008

stuff with things on it

No badminton tonight, just didn’t have the oomph.
It could be that I felt dizzy at walmart, and still feel kinda dizzy.
Could be that I haven’t slept well all week.

I blame work.

But it can’t last. The sleeplessness that is, not the work.
Unless I win the lottery tonight, then no more work.

But the odds are poor, which is I guess the point.

Looking into making a wordpress plugin for part of the wedding site.

Oh yea, making a wedding site for Tara and myself. It’s pretty much done(other people are better at themes than I am) I just have to do odds and bobs to make it ours.

The code for the plugin is done, just have to figure out how to make it a plugin, which is the point I guess.

Did I mention work has been busy lately?
Yea, really busy.
But I guess it’s better than wondering if I’m the only one that’s bored, and because of that if I won’t have much of a job left.

Anyway, just thinking out loud.

At least the boss and bosses boss knows that we’re really swamped and knows that things might take longer than normal to solve/deal with. Which is good, because I’m behind in a lot of things.


Tara and I went to Badminton again tonight, and my calves hurt just enough to not let me sleep.
I’ve taken something for the irritating pain, but until then…

It’s not snowing yet here, but as is my understanding, we could have wet flurries.
I probably won’t see it, and that’s just fine by me 🙂

I don’t have the snow tires on yet, and I really didn’t plan on changing them until closer to December.

It’s possible that we’re not having a Helloween party this year. I guess with people having kids it makes things a little more difficult to do.
Oh well, had to happen sooner or later I guess.

Guess that’s about it for now.