Day: October 25, 2008

day care

Qanuk was at doggy day care today.
Petsmart was having a “snowdog” day at their Dog Hotel, and we decided to sign her up.

Dropped her off at 11 and picked her up at 6ish and for the whole time she got to play with other huskies 😀
To say the least she enjoyed herself.
They did a review(more cute than useful) and she behaved herself and was a big old snuggle bug, which is not even remotely surprising.

Not sure I would ever board her there for any length of time, as the normal place is super uber awesome, but if I ever needed to drop her off somewhere at the last minute for a day, then I probably would.

Also, I’ll do a survey and get a $10 card for Petsmart, which is good as she needs food 🙂

Oh yea, they had doggy ice cream 😀

Weekend Work

You know the best part about working the weekend?
There is none.

So the client has db issues, deadlocks.
So I say, send me logs.
They say, sure.
Then they say, once we figure out where they are.
Where they are? These are the sorts of things you should know before you open a ticket and expect people to work on the weekend.


That was 90 minutes ago. 90 minutes to page someone to figure out where the logs might be.
And now another 30 minutes to reproduce the issue and send them to me.

I think I’ll take my sweet time when I look at them…