Month: November 2008

Baby sitting

At my brothers place looking after Simon and it looks like my brother dropped most of his cable channels. However he does have the NHL in punjabi which is just a little odd. And her locked his laptop so i have to do this by phone. Tara will be by later with popcorn and movies.

The Weekend Begins!

It took all week, but now the weekend is here and I’m loving it.

Tara and I are taking a long weekend as it’s our anniversary and we’re heading to a swanky hotel for a night. It’s gonna be awesome.

We’re dropping the dog off on Sunday as my parents have offered up to dog sit her for the evening.

I have to admit that I’ve been looking forward to this weekend.
Work has been stressful, but I think a lot of that has been caused by me.

As much as I hate to admit it, I forget things. I’m asked to do something, and I set time aside to do it, then something more important comes up, and I forget about the first thing.
Until it’s due that is, then I panic and scramble.
And I feel that I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I really think that I’ll be happy when this year is done and I can try and begin next year on the right note.
But until that time, I have to deal with all the spinning plates that are on fire right now.
December is going to be busy, but I’m confident that I’ll get everything done before I leave for the rest of the year.

I have to find a way to better organize myself and also find a way for me to stick to whatever plan I find.
I think this will be a major change that I’m going to have to make.
Not just at work, but my life in general. I forget things all the time. I need to work on my memory, or at least work on a system where I don’t have to rely fully on my memory.

The irritating thing is that there are a million things online that I can use, and I use them all, I just don’t check them all the time, and even if I do, I don’t pay attention to them.
This is the problem. I have to rely on myself and not on some third party thingy.
I think it’s called Time Management Routine.
I need one 🙂


Both Qanuk and Ringo are 4 today!
Mind you, with Qanuk, you would never know 😉

We’re not 100% sure of the day, but pick a random day and make it their birthday. That works for me 🙂

So today Ringo gets extra nip and Qanuk get’s a second milk bone 🙂


Tomorrow is the US long weekend which means it’s gonna be a little slow for me.
Which isn’t a bad thing as this will allow me to do other things that need doing before the end of the year.

And I have Monday off as well.
I might even spend the day at Tara’s work as I should be able to login there to do work.
If I can’t, well, then I have to come home.

Oh yea, we have the Conservative Christmas party on Monday as well.
It was strongly suggested that we attend, so we will.
It’s a good excuse to get all dressed up and meet all the people that Tara works with.
Oh yea, the PM is going to be there. I can tell him that I didn’t vote for him 😉

For our anniversary, I did not get my super cool FI a time capsule.
This is something that my super cool FI knows, but refuses to admit.
The look on her face when I present to her the gift that’s not a time capsule…priceless. 😀


Badminton last night was all about beginners.
I think the guy that was doing the course was on the Olympic team, or at least some big pro.
He showed us some grips and excellent techniques on how to serve, return and the back hand.
Also some foot work.
I have to say that knowing just that kind of stuff, I’ve noticed that Tara and I picked up our game some.
So the next time we go we’ll be a little better prepared for what the others can dish out 🙂

Granted, our forarms and wrists hurt, but that’s because they were what we were using more than anything else.

I think tonight is all about being quiet and still. Tara had a really terrible sleep last night and she was mostly a zombie this morning.

That being said, she’s still at work. Normally she’s off at 5, and here it is 20 to 6….add 40 minutes to get home(whenever it is she catches the bus) and she’s home late.

I might be able to convince her for take out tonight. Not that dinner will take long to make, but speed might be of the essence here 😉


It’s not until I took my socks off to have a shower did I remember having multi-coloured painted toe nails.XD

The things people do to amuse themselves.

I do have to admit it’s still amusing 😀

The Hills

That’s where we decided to travel today, but they were closed for the most part.
I guess the roads are just too hard or too expensive to clear in the winter, so they just shut it down.
So we went for a walk instead, and that was really nice.

Also playing with some word press plug-ins.
I think what I want is a home for me. One page that I can start with where I can check everything I need to.
I suppose Google does that really well, but I wanted to do it as well.
Because I have a domain and a hosting service and figure “what the hell”. 🙂


Without too much effort, the winter tires are on the car.
Good thing to as it’s supposed to snow all next week.

Other than that, quiet and lazy day.

I think tires and moving some furniture around is all we’ve really done today. Which isn’t so bad as it’s a Saturday and there’s nothing that needs doing at the moment.

Tomorrow I think we’ll head to the hills again and maybe hang some Christmas lights.

Going to have to borrow the ladder from my brother or father though.