Day: November 12, 2008


The formating on my Dad’s computer is all wonky, so I’m posting via
email, which is kinda cool.
FOrgot that I could do that 🙂

Babysitting my nephew Simon. It’s easy stuff really, you just have to
be able to read, and read quick.
He likes flipping pages a lot.

You can slow him down by getting him to point to certain objects on
the page, and for about 18 months old he’s pretty good.
Mind you, I don’t know what I was doing at 18 months.
I suspect a lot of drooling 😉

I just put him to bed and he didn’t fuss or make any noise, just
conked right out in his sleeper.

He’s really a good kid, and happy all the time(well, at least the
times I see him).

Anyway, off to do something else now that my entertainment is asleep.