Day: November 16, 2008


Watching The Apprentice UK and really, I think I’m liking it better than the US one.
I might just be a sucker for the UK accent 😉

Again, mostly quiet day, and we didn’t really get anything done other than some baking.
And just a little baking at that.

Not sure what I did want to do today, but nothing sounded good to me 🙂

Work this week will be a little busy as I have a presentation to do Wednesday and a lot of reading to get ready for that presentation.
It’s this new initiative at work, all across work, and I’m a little behind. But that’s life I guess.
Most of it I can sorta fake, but a lot of it I need to review as I haven’t had a chance to use the new tools that I’ll be needing to help people with.
That’s kinda the story of my life I guess.

For some reason I wanted to look up the price and price plans of the iPhone. Still not worth it to me.
Mind you, if I had it and used it, that might be different. But I’m not willing to sink the money on that bet.