Month: December 2008

Shopping in Edmonton

Or at least, that’s where my credit card was shopping.
Tara and I decided to check our balance last night as we know we had some larger purchases on it, and we like to keep this card on a short leash and know in advance what we’re putting on it.
So it was a bit of a shock when we looked at the current balance and it was about $600 more than we thought.
Then we saw why.
Apparently we went on a shopping spree at Roots, Payless and Old Navy.
In Edmonton.

So we called up PC and told them. They confirmed our security info, and also confirmed that for each of these purchases, the card number was punched in, not swiped. Didn’t know you could look that kinda info up, but it’s interesting to say the least.

So they canceled our cards and Tara and I have to destroy them.
They’ll send out new cards in about a week, and then there’s an affidavit being sent out a week later that we have to sign and fax back.

Interesting times really.
Now I just wonder how they got the card number.


Every year we keep changing what we do for Christmas.
I mean, it’s not a bad thing, but it can strike out of the blue sometimes.
It also really doesn’t help when you have a crap memory like mine 😉

This year my brother and his family did their own thing. Personally, I think it’s about time.
They just laid low during the day and got to the big dinner in the evening.
Easy peasy.

On my side of things, we opened stocking stuffers and one hell of a big gun!
That was a little something special that Tara and my folks cooked up.
Apparently I can grow older but not actually grow up.
I can handle that.

The afternoon we popped in on my grandmother and Tara called as well.

Then in the evening we went to Vanessa’s parents place and had dinner for 22(or so).

Tomorrow we’re heading over to my grandmothers and opening the rest of the gifts.

See, this is different from past years where we tried to have Christmas morning at my grandmothers place as it’s easier to go there than to get her anywhere.

Next year it’ll be different again as Tara will be in town and hopefully so will her mother and brother, which will alter Christmas dinner somewhat.

Oh well, traditions come and go 🙂

But all in all, a good Christmas for all.

Tomorrow I’m heading into shopping hell with my brother and a cousin of Vanessa’s.
This should be fun 😉

Christmas Eve

Spending time watching horror movies.
This will come to a total surprise to everyone that knows me 😉

REC is awesome, and it reminds me how far ‘handy cam’ movies have come.
When it’s out on DVD, I’ll probably rent Quarantine just to see the differences.
But if you have the means, I would suggest getting a hold of REC.
That also assumes you like horror movies.

About to start Inside, which I think is French.

BTW, REC was Spanish.

Bachelor Life

Haven’t posted much because…well…because.

After dropping Tara off last Tuesday, bachelor life has been a little weird.
Last year was different. I wasn’t living with her and saw her on the weekends and maybe a little during the week, but now I’ve gotten used to her being her all the time.
And I like it.
But now that she’s gone, it’s weird.
I mean, Tuesday, I worked until 5, decided to stop, spun my chair around and had NO IDEA what I should be doing.
I didn’t have to make dinner or pick her up or anything.
For a moment there I was totally lost.

And it’s been off again on again like that.

Thank god she’s coming back on Boxing day 😉

So a lot of my time has been either spent working or watching movies.
I think I’ve covered off the following:
The Strangers
The Mist
The Signal
The Quiet Earth
The Ruins
Hellboy 2
Mummy 3

Huh, there must be more and I just can’t think of them. Seems like that’s not enough.
Also caught up on Dexter, Heroes and House.
And started to watch the second season of Burn Notice.
I have more TV stuff to burn and watch so at least that keeps me busy.

Also I moved beds, cleaned up the office(somewhat) and generally, did stuff.
Nothing important though.

I have been seeing more of Ben lately. He was over last night for HellBoy and Mummy.
And Friday night for some others.

But today I think I’ll do laundry and some cleaning so that Tara doesn’t kill me when she get’s back 😀

Too Early

Tara leaves this morning and I’m up uber early to make sure she has a nice breakfast to keep her going.
But I have to say, it’s really freaking early, and I don’t think I went to bed too long ago 😦

Oh My

Back in collage I tried, and mostly failed, to start an anime club.
I guess I shouldn’t have tried in my last semester 😉

Anyway, we needed to find someone close or local to get the anime from, and we found him.
Trung Le.

We talked for a bit, I hung out at his place, and he supplied us anime.

The club died and I moved on.

In the later years I would find him at Anime North selling anime trinkets.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because he just showed up on Gizmodo. By making a sex robot. (original article).

I never knew…..

Catch up

Wow, after a month of daily posts, I took a bit of a break it seems 🙂

Not to say that nothing’s been going on, I’ve just been busy and forgetful.

Let’s see:

-Tara and I went to The Moulin in Wakefield for a nice romantic night. It had a jacuzzi and a fireplace, but I think we spent most of our time in the jacuzzi and it was awesome. We’re thinking that we need one for home now. Also, as a note, there’s nothing to do in Wakefield, but it’s not far from downtown, so that’s where we went for dinner.

-Got a call from the animal hospital the next morning saying that they had Quanuk. That was just a little disturbing as I had left her with my folks. Turns out the little bugger found a weakness in my parents fence(the door hadn’t been closed properly) and wandered out about town. She was however picked up by a nice guy not at all far from my parents place and he dropped her off at the hospital where they scanned her and called my cell. Little bugger 🙂

-Thursday morning I had to drop Tara off for a 7am rally at the PMs house. That was just waaaaay to early for both of us.

-Today I’m continuing on my quest to catch up on work stuff, and I think I’m making some kind of progress. It’s not perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the end of last week.

-This weekend is still kinda busy for Tara and I. There’s a few house things we want to get done for our little party next week, and we want to move the bed that’s in the basement to the spare room(better on Tara’s back) and I really should get those Christmas lights up 😉

Anyway, break times over, back to work!