Right, blogging, I like to do that from time to time.

Guess I just haven’t been inspired to do so lately, which is a shame, because as I mentioned I do like doing it.

But, since it’s been a little while(wow, the 8th) let’s sum up shall we?

  • I’m not laid off, but I wonder if anyone is laid off as I haven’t seen anything in the news about it
  • Tara and I are looking to consiolidate our debt into one massive loan, and it’s going about as well as expected, which doesn’t say much
  • Wedding plans are still go, but that’s not really news
  • Still haven’t tried Windows 7 even though I have three keys and two downloads
  • Left 4 Dead is awesome, but again, not news
  • Started exercising and I like it, mostly because I’m exercising with Tara and that’s cool
  • The credit card fraud is being all sorted out nicely
  • Started to cancel services to save money. The sat TV will be interesting
  • Changing cell phones again but keeping the same number. I’ll post my full contact details later

Guess that’s it for now. Can’t remember why I wanted to post all of a sudden, but I did.

With any luck I’ll post more often, and about fun things, but I wouldn’t hold your breath -_^

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