Month: February 2009

Had to happen

Went to the dentist today and I was told I finally had a cavity.
After 33 years(give or take) I have my first cavity.
My luck has officially run out.

It has almost nothing to do with taking care of my teeth(I think I brush more than I ever did before) and has something to do with age and luck.

So now I have to get my first filling.
It’s small, but it’s going to be there.



I think Tara’s broken her baby toe.
It’s mostly purple and looking really painful.
We’re going to ice it for a bit and see what happens.

Having never broken a toe, I’m not sure what you can do for it, but my understanding is, nothing.


The Canadian Tenors

Like a boy band with talent.

Tara and I saw them tonight and I have to say it really rocked.
Going in I had no idea what to expect, but they put on a really good show and were funny to boot.
The only compliant is that I thought the band was a little too loud.

The first solo I think was my favorite.
The guy was trying to set it up and said something along the line of “and you might recognize it”.
He sang.
I didn’t get it.
But everyone else seemed to have, so I guess that’s something.

Anyway, excellent evening, and if you have the chance I would go see them

Feeling Dumb

So I finally called Vonage today to cancel the service.

Turns out I didn’t know as much as I should have.
See, when I called they had a promotion on to get a free modem(or whatever they call it) and I jumped on that.
But it’s only free if you stay for a year, otherwise they charge you $80.
Also, there’s a termination fee of $50 unless you stay for two years.
So if I cancel today, it’ll cost me $130.
So he offered to lower the plan amount. Nice of him.
But there’s a plan changing cost.
But he waived that.
So we’re paying less for Vonage but a lot more for the cell phone.
I’m dumb.


Phone Bot: Your warranty is about to expire, this is the last notice, press 1 to talk to someone about it.
Me: #press 1#
Dude on Phone: Hi there, I need to ask some security questions before I can continue.
Me: Shoot
Dude: Who am I speaking to?
Me: You called me, you tell me who you’re speaking to?
Dude: I don’t have your file, I need to find out who….
Me: You called me and told me my warranty is about to expire, the least you could do is have my file, so you tell me who I am!
Dude: I’ll add your number to the do not call list…
Me:Damn Skippy you will!

Updated Contact Info

As promised:

Cell – 613-878-9986
Email – (trying to phase out the yahoo account)
26 Sunnybrooke Drive
Kanata, Ontario
K2M 2P3

twitter – sidekickca (not that it’s exciting)


So I got a new cell plan from Virgin.
Tara and I are ditching the land(ish) line. The overall savings is about $20/month, which works out to 2 weeks of groceries a year.
That’s how I started looking at things….not sure why 🙂

Anyway, the cell plan is pretty keen. For $35/month I have unlimited local calling from 10am to 6pm, which covers the majority, if not all, of my working hours. At least the ones with the pre-set meetings.
Add another $20 for VM, Call Display, WebSurfing and Text, and all is groovy.
Not sure if I need the text part, but I can always cut that.
The only downside is the three year contract, but it got me a free phone.
The web surfing is mucho faster than the last phone, so that works for me.
Now to get a cable, replacement battery and charger for it. But that’s not something I need anytime soon.
Maybe a quick trip to the Pacific Mall will cover most of that 😀

I’ll post my current contact details in another post and set it to Friends only.