Month: March 2009

At a different work

I’m hanging out with Tara today at her office.
We have some appointments today so I figured I’d just take the day instead of trying to rus around and get things done.
It appears I have my own little office here. Well, it’s the interns office, and she’s not here, so it’s mine now!
So I get to surf and drink coffee all morning, so it’s a pretty good life 🙂

And it goes higher

So the upside is that the stripped bolt is covered under warrenty.
That’s good!
But I opted to do the 24k service, so that’ll cost $200.
That’s bad.
But that also includes the Oil Change!
That’s good!
But they called back and said I should have an alignment.
That’s $80.

So somewhere, somehow, I evened out.

I think.

Stripped bolt

Tried to change my summer/winter tires, and the front side passenger tire was rusted onto the hub. Kinda annoying, so I tried a few things to loosen the rust. Including hitting it with a hammer.
Well, I must have hit one of the bolts, because when I gave up and tried to get the nut on, it wouldn’t go. So I forced it a little, and stripped it 😦
So now I have 4/5 of the nuts holding that tire in place.
I think it’s mostly safe, as long as I’m not doing any crazy driving, but Tara thinks otherwise.
I think the best thing is to take it to Mazda first thing Monday or Tuesday and get them to sort it out.
And to change the tires while they’re at it.
Bugger, try to save some money….

Comments Sorted

Found the offending peice of code.

Actually, had to put in a bit of code that caused the problem. See, when generating the XML, I did it all at once(per entry) and did it from variables.

The problem was that the comment arrays wouldn’t get reset on each run, so if post 123 had comments and post 124 didn’t, post 124 would get the comments from post 123.


But sorted.

Move along, move along…


Think I’ve sorted out the old titles problem.

They were repeating because the reg expression string that I had wasn’t verbose enough. There must be an easier way…

[a-zA-Z0-9?!,$'”\. ]* seems that it will capture everything, but I’m not totally convinced 😉

Now to sort out the comment issue…that’s gonna take a looooong time I think.

Upon further review

It seems that my 2002/2003 entries are a little screwy.

What I had done is create this little php script that would take my older html entries and translate them into the LJ XML that WordPress could import.

For the most part it worked. The content is all there, it’s things like titles and comments that are a little buggy. I suspect I could fix both and I probably will. For something to do if nothing else 🙂

Matt suggested a general contact link, and I’ll make a page for it; Thanks Matt 🙂

Other than that, WP is slow. I have a cache system in place that should help with that, and for the admin stuff I have Gears running, but it’s still slow. At least for me.

The slow could be coming from my Twitter feed, so I’ll have to work on that. Maybe try a different plugin.

Darcy, which one do you use? I’m using Twitter-Tools.

New Site

So the new site is up and running finally!

Come have a gander at

I was also able to import some of my old posts from 2002 and 2003, so those were fun to read through.

Now I just have to find the 2004 posts which are….somewhere 😉

Not a whole ton here yet, but it’s going to be a work in progress until I do something else ^_^

Where the Wild Things Are

Is being made into a live action movie being released in the fall of this year.
There are some new promo-shots that give a decent look at the movie.

Now of course the big question; Why?


I loved this book as a kid, and a couple of years ago my Mom gave me another copy for my birthday.
I even have the figures, which are really nice to look at.

So I’m excited about this movie. The shots look good and I think it could be made into a film.
The problem is, can it stretch to 90 minutes?
We’ll see.

Dogs and Cats

The dogs been sneezing a lot lately. So I finally took her to the vet. While she was there they did the usual checkup.
She’s gained a little weight(1kg) which is fine because she’s a skinny dog 🙂
Also, they were more concerned about the gunk in her eyes, so they gave me some goop to put on the gunk in her eyes.
It’s the kind of gunk that have to put right on her eye, which she doesn’t mind at all.
She’s a good dog that way.

The cat has some blood in his poop, so he has an appointment this week as well.
Hopefully it’s nothing serious.
He’s eating fine and doesn’t seem to be having any other problems, so we’re not *that* worried.

Back to work!


had the family over for dinner last night.
All went well, Tara was worried about things turning out, but it was all perfect 🙂

We had manicotti stuffed with cheese in a pizza sauce.
Totally awesome thanks to Tara’s leet cooking skills 🙂

Dessert was hazelnut and espresso mouse. Also turned out amazing and she got big props 🙂

Simon was good entertainment and he and Quanuk got along really well chasing each other around.
I’m happy he get’s along with her, as that’s always a concern with bigger dogs.

The dinner itself was a lot of work for a relatively short dinner, but it was all worth it 🙂