Month: April 2009

Random Updates

Been a couple of days, things have happened and I keep meaning to update, so here I am!

In my life as a driver of cars, many animals have crossed my path, some of which I’ve hit(really sorry about that) and most I’ve missed.

I’ve even nudged a moose, and been chased by a baby cow. Not at the same time because that would have just been toooooo much to take.

But the other day, while driving Tara to work, a wild turkey ran across the road.



I was told later that day that it was the first day of turkey hunting season, so now it doesn’t seem to odd.

No, it still seems odd, but slightly less odd.

Monday was stinking hot, and when it got to 29 degrees in the house I decided that it was finally time for AC(no DC).

I’m happy to tell you that it’s still working and the house cooled rather well. Once it was at a good place it got much cooler outside so we turned it off.

That evening I decided to take the new mower for a spin in the back yard.

Assembly was pretty easy, as it almost always is, and it ran fairly well.

Had to make adjustments to the height as the backyard is a little uneven.

I like this mower because it’s small, easy to maneuver, and has a bag.

So I’m done mowing, get a collection bag to put the grass in(don’t have a compost heap yet) and, well, hardly any grass was in the bag.

This means one of two things; the grass really wasn’t that tall or it doesn’t collect the grass well.

Either way, not so bad, at least not for the price of the mower.

I’ve been working on a high priority ticket for the past couple of days, and it makes for some long evenings. Wednesday I worked my usual shift and then 9:30-11:30pm.

Yesterday was an early start for someone in Taiwan, so it was 6am-5pm, then 7-8, then 10-11:30. So long days. Most of the time was on the phone and really not all that stressful.

I feel sorry for the dudes that are on site. When the tests are running, I can go get ice cream(which I did, 31 cent Baskin Robin day; two cones, two scoops each, $1.30 total) while they have to stay on site and look busy.

Or sleep. I think I would sleep. I suspect I would be fired, but then I could go home and sleep 😉

Tonight I think we’re going to go see the Soloist. I’m meeting Tara downtown after work. I suspect we’ll grab a quick bite to eat(or just eat popcorn) and then the movie.

I’m trying to get my office clean and tidy before Tara’s mom shows up. For the most part there was just junk lying about the place, and now you can at least see the majority of the floor.

I’m building a simple table from a slab of wood and an upside down drawer. This will hold the printer so I can have more space on the other desk.

The next big thing is to actually clean my desk, move some things around, and make it a better place all around.

Then maybe I’ll add some cool lights and just make it look neat. Or I won’t. Could go either way.

How’s your week been?


So I played my first game of Pathfinder yesterday. It’s basically D&D 3.75.

Not really having played anything since 2nd edition, it was a little bit of a learning curve to start, but I think I got the hand of it near the end of the game.

For the most part(as I understand it) they’ve taken the 3.5 rules and simplified some and made others more awesome.

They’ve combined stats and skills into more reasonable groups with less numbers and fiddling to deal with. I had to take that on faith as I don’t remember the ‘old ways’ of 3.5 😉

In our group we have a Sorcerer with a bloodline of Fire Elemental(me), an Assassin (which falls under Fighter now) and some War thing(another Fighter but with Stances). The last two seem to be Prestige classes from 3.5, but since the systems are really close you can easily move them to Pathfinder. I say I think because while I can find Assassin, it doesn’t seem to be at all Fighter like, so maybe it’s just a sneaky Fighter 😉

So we’re pretty combat heavy, and no cleric. I suspect this was an oversight as two people had to drop at the last minute.

We have a decent mix of role players and combat people, with me sitting nicely in the middle. There are times I can role play properly and times I can’t. It seems that I can role play with the DM but not with other players(at least not as well).

There might be something to that.

The main thing that I have to learn is that a Sorcerer is not a tank and should not be up close and personal. I have spells and powers that work at a distance, and I should keep my distance. I didn’t die, but I was hit most often 😦

But I like the idea that I have a ‘free spell’ that I can use to attack with as often as needed, and that I don’t have to prepare spells(although this was never really enforced before). And cantrips can be fun 🙂

The other two players know their stuff but are nice enough to offer suggestions and general help to the noob of the group. This is also nice.

This was also a bit of an experiment for me too. I know that there are a lot of things that I think I want to get/be into, and it turns out that’s not always the case.

Like Anime. I was into it for so long and then lately it’s just been sorta meh. I was wondering the same about D&D.

I did enjoy playing, and I think that if this group continues it will be good for me. And as long as I don’t have to invest anymore (new dice was enough) then I should be good for some time.

That being said, it could still get boring later on and I’ll just have to move on. That’s life I guess…

I just do Eyes

Had an eye appointment for the first time in 4 years. Didn’t think it had been that long but apparently so.

Anyway, he went throught the whole thing “Is 1 better, or 2? 1 or 2?” etc and it turns out that in 4 years my left eye has gotten a smidge worse.

To the point of not needing new glasses.

They also wanted to do an eyeball exam by dilating my pupils with some drops and taking a picture.

Here’s how that went:

“I’ll just place a drop in each eye”



“AHHHHHHHHH, it burns! It burns!”


“Oh still with the burning, why hasn’t it stopping?!?”

“Oh, I should have said it would sting a little…”

“Ya think!”

“Just close your eyes, it’ll stop the stinging”



And then it was over.

However, walking out to the car afterward was a little tricky as someone turned up the Gamma setting by a billion.

Gamers will get that joke, for everyone else; it was really bright outside.

Then my eyes were huge the rest of the day so I looked like I was on something 😉

Meeting Day

I’m heading into the first of 6 meetings today. People wonder how I get any work done.

I wonder too 😉

Dress shopping last night with Tara was interesting. It’s not really shopping for a dress, as the title might mislead you.

It’s outfit shopping, which includes handbags, jewelery and shoes.

But it’s ok, she bought me the Darth Vader Mighty Mugg 🙂

So it’s all good.

Tonight we’re signing the contract for the wedding photographer. We’re bringing my parents along in case they want anything extra, as you get a 20% discount when you choose at the time of signing.

Sneaky, but it works.

Other than that it’s just Thursday.

How’s your Thursday going?

Weekend Update

Just a little late, but no one’s really worried 🙂

Mostly quiet weekend. Picked myself up a brand new Lawn Mower from Canadian Tire.

It’s a little 14″ blade, but it’s not a big back yard, and the mower has a bag. All that for $100 isn’t bad at all.

So now there’s no excuse to not mow the yard. Also, we did a little bit of extra work back there like sorting out the garden area and Tara has been doing some bulb planting.

I think she really likes the idea of having a garden. I like it too as it get’s me out there doing stuff that I should have been doing ages ago.

Went and saw Monsters vs Aliens Saturday night. Jim and Steph were to join us, but Steph was ill. We almost didn’t go as Tara had a headache, and in hindsight it might have been a good idea to skip it altogether.

But we didn’t, and the movie wasn’t that great. I think I had my hopes set extra high as I heard a lot of great things about the movie.

Tara had to duck out during the last 15 minutes because she was coughing, and we left pretty quickly after that. Then she crashed, and hard.

I stayed up to catch up on Lost(which I’m still not up on) and then slept in the other bed as to not bug her.

Sunday was filled with some shopping(can’t remember what now though)  and then a quiet dinner as Tara still was feeling groggy. New meds just aren’t helping that at all.

Watched the new Dr. Who special(kewl) and the new Red Dwarf stuff(not as good).

It’s funny, with Red Dwarf they removed the laugh track, and now it just feels a little hollow. I know it’s odd, and I’ve never been a fan of it, but it feels wrong not having it.

Think I have the comment spam sorted, thanks to a plugin that’s included with WP. Should read these things 🙂

Other than that, I should just get back to work I guess….

Character 3×5

What I really wanted to do was condense the really helpful parts of my character on 3×5 index cards. Basically to make it easier to look up stats and the like.

However, it started to dawn on me that I was doing that for the sake of doing it, and it wasn’t really that helpful.

However, taking a queue from the PA/PVP/WW D&D podcasts, I summed up all my spells and Feats onto 3×5 cards. This way I don’t have to look anything up and it’s all right there when I need it.

That to me seems pretty helpful. So that’s all I’ve done.

Now to work on a back story(not huge, just enough) and general character traits to round out the guy.

The DM asked us to do this before rolling up the character, but I got that email too late 🙂 So now that I have everything rolled up, I’ll make up the story to match.

Makes more sense to me anyway since I tried to make my character as random as possible.

Meaning that, even though I’m a sorcerer, I get to choose a blood line. I rolled for that, then rolled for the elemental power for that blood line.

So now I make something that matches. Should be pretty fun.

And of course a name. I mostly suck at that.

Polyhedral Heaven

There’s just something cool about getting new dice. I’ve been looking forward to it for a little while now.

I picked up the following sets:

The item picture is the one at the top.

Cool in person too 🙂

Going to get a whole D&D kit setup including printing on index cards for better tracking. More on that later I guess.


So I joined this local D&D gaming group, and our first game is on the 25 or the 26th. Can’t remember.

And do you think I can find my dice? Nope. I did find all the d6 I’ll ever need, but nothing else.

And unless D&D is now a d6 only game, this is going to require dice buying.

I thoght I might go custom, well, becuase it’s cool, and found this:

However, it’s a little more than I’d like to spend, so I’ll go to the local place and see what I can find 🙂

This time around I’m going for Sorcerer, and I’ve been told that in Pathfinder, Sorceriers are rather cool.

Oh yea, we’re playing Pathfinder. Which is good, because it’s a free download.

It’s like D&D 3.75. Sounds cool enough, and free enough 🙂

It’s aimed at every other week. Some people wanted every week, luckily others coudln’t commit to that so we’re at every other. Which is totally fine by me.

And for about 6 hours. Which, come to think of it, is a little long, but I’m sure I’ll survive. Now will Tara survive the extra geekiness that will be unleashed?

Only time will tell 🙂