Long Weekend 1

Tara and I spent most of the day outside in the back yard yesterday.

Must have been close to 5 hours, which is about 4 hours longer than I’ve been out there since I moved in 😉

But we dug up the weed garden and raked the heck out of the lawn, not to mention trimming the tree and the cedar hedges.

All in all, the place looks a lot better and I can’t wait to actually get some real results from back there.

Tara is planning a garden with veggies and other pretty flowers.

Today is a little more laid back. We did all our running around in the morning and pretty much just wasted the afternoon. Tara made Ringo a harness to see how he would like the outdoors. He didn’t like it much and very much wanted to come in. Oh well, we can try that one again sometime.

I should really be cleaning my office…

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