Meeting Day

I’m heading into the first of 6 meetings today. People wonder how I get any work done.

I wonder too 😉

Dress shopping last night with Tara was interesting. It’s not really shopping for a dress, as the title might mislead you.

It’s outfit shopping, which includes handbags, jewelery and shoes.

But it’s ok, she bought me the Darth Vader Mighty Mugg 🙂

So it’s all good.

Tonight we’re signing the contract for the wedding photographer. We’re bringing my parents along in case they want anything extra, as you get a 20% discount when you choose at the time of signing.

Sneaky, but it works.

Other than that it’s just Thursday.

How’s your Thursday going?

One thought on “Meeting Day

  1. Hey Guy!

    How’s things? ‘Just thought I’d drop you our bi-annual ‘hello’ (heheh).
    So when’s the big day? ‘Must be coming up soon. Give us a shout some time if you’re in the area.. OK, that may never happen as Sydenham is a little out of the way but even if you’re passing through on your way to TO, stop in!
    Anyhow, CIAO for now,


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