Day: May 1, 2009

Gift Decisions

For awhile now I’ve been thinking of what I want for my birthday.

Tara kinda kicked this off with the suggestion of another dog, and I think we ran with that for a little while.

Then the cons started to pile up faster than the pros.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of having another dog is totally awesome in most respects and is not off the table, it’s just not really feasable at this point in time. There was a lot more to consider than just having a dog, there were things like:

-food and vet expenses

-crate training

-general training(because I’ve done such a bang up job with Quanuk)

-how Quanuk and Ringo would adapt(I suspect one would be more open than the other 😉 )

And a few other things, so it’s off the main table but still an option for the future.

So now I have to think of something else, and I kinda suck at it. I generally don’t ask for big things as, well, I don’t want people to spend a lot.

The problem is that I’ve gone into this psudo-pragmatic mode over the last little while. I say psudo as I look at the wall of toys behind me, but I really haven’t gotten anything new in a long time.

It’s just that I have a lot of other things that I want to save for and spend money on later that are a lot more important than a birthday gift.

I was playing with my brothers iPod Touch and it’s cool and affordable, but I have a perfectly good 4gig MP3 player that I already don’t use that much 😉

I was thinking of a nice little ACER netbook…but really have no use for it other than having one.

Tara joked about a PVR…we don’t have cable 😛

I could get a few new toys, but that’s what Anime North is for.

I mean, how hard is it for me to find something in a certain price range and ask for it? Apparently, really hard.

In all honesty, the one thing that I think would be best is a new bike. I mean, the one I got from my Dad is fully working, but it’s a little heavy and starting to wear a lot.

So maybe a new bike. I mean, I’d be using it every day, so at least that’s something. But I don’t think it would have the ‘new toy’ feeling. Mind you, that feeling is pretty fleeting.

And the netbook would be cool for Anime North….or the iPod for that matter.