Random Updates

Cheap 360 games at Futureshop. Picked up Mass Effect and DeadSpace for $10 each.

Which I think is a good start. Also picked up Thrillville for $10, which I think will be fun for both Tara and I.

Can’t wait until I can buy games online with real money and not MS Points or whatever they’re called.

Jim had his baby yesterday! Well, Steph did, but he helped I’m sure 😉

I keep meaning to write something about Anime North this year, but keep putting it off. I twittered the important bits, so maybe I’ll just recap that in a post. Should be a real exciting read 😉

Tara has her root canal next week, then we go to the PMs garden party. I’m being snuck in as a volenteer. It’s all very covert and whatnot. Well, not THAT covert as I wouldn’t be writing it here if it was.

Back to work…

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