Printing, I stab at thee

The problem that I have with technology is that it thinks it’s better than I am.

To it’s credit, it’s often right.

Take last night for example. Tara asked me to make this little image so that she could print it out. We were downstairs at the time so I grabbed the lappy, installed, and off I went creating a 4″x4″ image. It had to be that small so that it would fit on something.

No problem, all done, off to go print. I rush off to the printer, realize that the work lappy is hooked up to the printer, but not worried as is already there.

Sweet. So I load the image, hit print, and some stupid ass wizard thing pops up.

Not sure where it came from, but my options were:

  • print at full page size
  • crop it so that it was bigger than the page(not sure about this one)
  • start choosing random sizes(3 3×5, 10000 1×1, etc)

Know what wasn’t there? Print at it’s normal freaking size. That’s what.

Thinking that it was just something stupid on the lappy, I moved over to the desktop, did the same thing and got the same result.

Even with Picassa. No option to print at normal freaking size.

So I fire up Photoshop, and lo and behold, I’m able to print it at the size it was intended to print at. And all it took was a $1000 piece of software.

It shouldn’t cost that much to print something at it’s native size.

There has to be a setting somewhere in windows to disable to stupid-ass-we-know-what-you-want-even-thought-it’s-not-what-you-want wizard.

But I was dammed if I had the patience for that kind of poop at the time.

And now the work lappy is being stupid after a mandatory update from Windows…this should kill the day nicely.

2 thoughts on “Printing, I stab at thee

  1. Linux distros. Look into them. There are umpteen million free programs that will fail to do exactly what you want.

    Oh, wait.. That’s the opposite of what you’re looking for.

  2. Yeah the native windows “Picture Print” wizard is the ultimate in sucking technology. They need to seriously replace it.

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