2 down, one to go

Watched the end of BattleStar last night, watched the end of Lost the other week, and now I’m working on Heroes.

TV on the XBOX is awesome. Makes my life that much better.

For those that want to know, I’m using TVersity to stream the stuff from my computer to the Xbox. It makes life easy. The XBox sees the computer without any problems(except in Windows 7, gonna work on that) and streams without any problems.

From the looks of it it’ll stream to almost any device, and I have to see if it’ll stream to XBMC to see if I can stream to the laptop. I can view the server via a web browser, but it doesn’t stream, it just tries to download. Not that helpful really.

You know, I’m not missing cable one little bit. Not having to pay an extra $60/month to watch junk is just fine by me.

The only problem we have right now is trying to download all we want and still come in under our bandwidth cap. I’m also tempted to move away from Rogers because of that, but that’s another issue.

Granted, you would think that 95 gigs  a month should be enough, but you’d be surprised(or not) how quickly that gets eaten up by torrents.

3 thoughts on “2 down, one to go

  1. I’ve got the lots o’ crap on cable blues myself.

    The kids watch a fair bit on Teletoon and Treehouse, but I consider it pretty much a complete loss (keeping in mind that when I got cable shows I liked were still on the air…)

    TVersity is pretty cool, I just got confused as to when it was going to index content, etc. I seem to remember thinking it should be a little more up front about when it was doing stuff like that (or failing to do stuff like that).

    XBMC is pretty neat, but a different beast (from my limited experimentation).

    Still, I was trying to stream to a Wii… Not quite the same…

  2. Welcome to the dark side, my friend.

    eztv.it and a torrent client that a) runs in the back ground, and b) will auto-download based on RSS feeds are your friend.

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