Month: September 2009

Home Work

I’m starting to wonder if I should stop working from home, or at least cut it down.

Yes, it’s incredibly convenient to work from home. There’s no commute and I can get some other house stuff done while working.

The problem is that all the distractions that I’ve collected over the years happen to be in the same room where I’m trying to work.

This is causing a problem.

I guess it’s always been a problem, but when I’m busy enough I don’t worry about the distractions becaue I’m keeping so many plates spinning.

But, and this is the catch, when it’s a little slower…I…drift….to the other computer.

And the other computer, which is my main home PC, has all sorts of fun things on it that I can waste soooo much time on.

And I do. And because of this other things get missed.

It hasn’t happened a lot, but it’s happened, and it’s starting to get noticed. And that’s bad. So I need to nip it before it get’s worse.

So what do I do?

Should I work in the office everyday? This is the best and worst solution.

  • Yes, it would help keep me focused on work because there is very little else to do in the office(other than drink bad coffee).
  • I do have multiple machines to run the VM images that I need to get my work done.
  • It get’s me out of the house(good and bad really).
  • Creates a wall between home life and work life. This is also good as I never really ‘log off’ when I’m not working.
  • Doesn’t let me start dinner early
  • Doesn’t let me do a little housework if I need to
  • Generally inconvenient

You know, I’m looking at the downside of working in the office all day and they’re not looking that bad.

Next idea is 50/50. Tara suggested this and I’m starting to like it.

  • work in the office in the morning
  • get’s me focused and is a good start to the day
  • work from home in the afternoon
  • I can VNC into my work machines, so no need to use the home PC
  • I can work at the dinner table, no computer there(just a cat and dog) to tempt me
  • can still do light housework/dinner prep
  • smaller monitor, but I could live(I think)

I think the second option is best.

This week I’ll be in the office all week as I’m in training and just want to stay focused.

Maybe I’m just being hard on myself, but really, I do have the attention span of a three year old, and I’m all good when nothing else is around to take my attention. But when it does…

When it comes right down to it, I can be distracted by just about anything and I will search it out if tempted, but if I remove the obvious problems, then I think I’ll be better off.

Suffice to say I’m gonna keep this post at a lower profile than normal, meaning it won’t go out to Twitter and therefore Facebook, but I’m not going to go out of my way to hide it.

I guess I just did 😉

Weekend Update

On training all week, and I found out that it’s all based on recordings of older classes.

This is interesting as there’s going to be lab work…and I have no lab. Oh well, there’s a meeting on it at 2 so we’ll see.

The weekend was sad. Tara’s mother jetted off home and Tara misses her mom. Other wise it was a partially crappy weekend as I was working most of it.

Well, not so much working the whole thing, but at least on call so I couldn’t actually go anywhere, which sucked. Tara and her mom bopped around town, and I was at home. Poopy.

Thursday was dress shopping day, and her, my mom, her mom and two of Tara’s friends went out to a couple of places to look at dresses.

I’m told that Tara picked one, but they could be pulling my leg.

However, on Saturday, Tara’s mom apparently found one that she really liked at a good price, which is great.

The entire week was spent with Tara’s mom, and it was a really good week. She reminded me how much I like tea and I really should be drinking it more often. Maybe I’ll make a tea time in the afternoon 🙂

So everything is good, and this week, while possibly a little dull work wise, will be helpful for me to be a better support dude, so that’s always good 🙂

Wedding Planning

Went out to the wedding venue last night, with my parents and Tara’s Mom, to ask some questions and have our initial meeting with the wedding planner/coordinator.

My initial worry/hesitation about spending so much for a venue basically went out the window after our meeting.

Don’t get me wrong, I had no issue at all spending the money to get what we wanted, and we wanted the Bean Town Ranch. I just feel better now to spend the money knowing what we get for it.

And what we get is a wedding planner for the day to make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

We went over every aspect of the wedding, from start to finish. And you could tell they’ve been doing this for a little while as she fired it all from the top of her head.

We talked about the food, the booze, the decorations, who will be doing what and when, the dance, and the day after.

It was all very well thought out and prepared.

In all honesty, I think all I have to do that day is show up and the rest will be taken care of.

They’re going to be doing so much for us it kinda hurts. Everything that I or someone else in the wedding party/guest used to have to do is taken care of. The handing out of the programs, the setting up/taking down the decorations, greeting people at the door and showing them to their table even. All taken care of.

One of our concerns was booze and wine and how that all worked. We went over every detail of the bar and found out that we don’t have to use their wine(as I think it’s a little expensive) and we can use our own as long as it’s available through the LCBO. Same with the beer.

Which is no problem for me.

Another thing that they did that kinda took me aback was that they weren’t out to milk us for every penny. She flat out said that certain things they offered were a waste of money(historically speaking) and that we were better off to spend our money in different ways.

Like the cocktail hour. We can get this champaign punch, which looks pretty, but generally no one ever drinks if there’s an open bar at the time. Which is funny, because we were thinking of getting it. Now we’re not 🙂

Same with other cocktail foods, they’ll serve the cheaper stuff first then bring out the more expensive stuff, so that we have to order less and save more.

It was just cool of them to suggest this in the first place 😀

After our head was swimming with all this info, we headed out to the closest hotel and reserved the whole damn thing for friends and family. The trick is that, if you rent 10+ rooms(I think) then they offer a free shuttle between the hotel and the ranch. Even not, it’s only $125, which is totally worth it.

So it was a really good day for wedding planning, and it really helps us out that they’re willing to help out as much as they are, if that makes sense.

And tonight, turkey dinner!


I really have to site down and takes notes when interesting things happen to me, so that I can blog about it later.

Seems my brain is like swiss cheese or something like that.

Or I remember things, just not in the funny/interesting way that I would like to write about it.

Or bring up in random conversation for that matter.

Oh well.

So there have been many things going on, and things that are about to go on.

While I’m on the subject, I really meant to get a plan going for more frequent updates, but that didn’t work. Which I think puts me into the large category of lazy-ass-bloggers.

I used to be good 😛

Anyway, on to things you might want to read about.

  • Picking up Tara’s mom from the airport today. She’s with us for a week while Tara does some dress shopping.
  • Work is going as well as can be expected. Going to do some additional training soon so that I can be a focal on something. Should look good for my review next year 🙂
  • Saw a gaggle of wild turkeys on the side of the road. It’s a first for me
  • Tara found a good doctor; one that will listen and offer advice and guidance. But now the doc’s off on maternity leave…ugh
  • I still really want an island
  • Didn’t win the last Super 7.
  • Playing Fallout 3 and liking it a lot. When it’s not crashing and taking my computer with it. But it’s a lot less frequent now

Just cleaned the house and now I’m off to go get Tara’s mom.


Have a good weekend all.

Weekend Update

And it was a looooong weekend 🙂

Had Friday off as well and did some yard work. Tried to attack the massive weeds in the back yard (small trees really) and was saved by the ringtone from Tara. She mentioned that since it’s such a pain that we should just wait until they die and work from there.

Done and done! The grass was cut and that’s really all the time I wanted to spend outside. Wandered back in and tried to get us further along in Rock Band 2. Also borrowed Rock Band from Scott and found out that, yes, you can import your RB tracks into RB2, but it’ll cost you 400 Microsoft points. Which I think works out to $5US, which isn’t too bad I guess. But I don’t like Microsoft points, I wish they would just give me a dollar value and let me pay that. But nooooo. That’s too good for Microsoft. Guess I’ll deal with that another time.

Friday night was house painting. We got the last of the living room walls done and the main hallway trimmed before going to bed at 1:30am. Started at about 10, so that’s not too bad really.

I want to say that Saturday was a lazy ish day, but it wasn’t really. I just don’t recall exactly what we did. We didn’t paint. but I don’t recall our activites between waking up and going to a BBQ at Scott and Jenns. I’m sure if was important though 😉

The BBQ was a blast and we saw everyone there.  Including the babies, which I think there were three of. Borrowed RB from Scott at that time. And as always, we stated at the end that we should do it more often, but I know we won’t 😦

People are busy, and that’s just a fact.

Sunday was more painting. And some Michaels. Tara bought supplies to make our boutineers. We’re going with fake because real stuff has this tendency to fall apart, and be 10 times as expensive 😉

Then there was more painting. The second coat on the hallway took no time at all so we were ambitious and started the kitchen. Because of the shape and nooks/crannies, it took a lot longer than I would have liked, but the first coat was on at 1:30am again. Seems we like night painting, it’s cooler that way. Tara made me some awesome pancakes just before bed and that helped us both sleep I think :0

Monday was a good sleep in for both of us, and we had a nice breakfast and then resumed painting. The goal was to have it done and then go to the hills. Again, because of various things, it took a lot longer than I had thought. But, we got it all done, including all the trim in the kitchen and hallway.

It looks fantastic. We have three shades going on, and it looks so much better than just white!

We showered and headed for the hills! We also brought the dog as she hadn’t gone for a walk that day. The hills, as always, were just breathtaking. There was a little colour change going on, but mostly still green. We then headed for the tallest lookout and watched the sun set.

During that time there was a little bit of a wedding shoot going on, and they really couldn’t have picked a better place and time. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the whole scene was just amazing.

Today is back to work, and we’re both dragging a little bit. But the work we put in on the weekend certainly shows and our house is really becoming a home 😀

Updates Galore!

Tara and I spent the last weekend at the 1000 Islands.

Tara’s never been and the last time I was there I was wee and didn’t really care for it. It’s really different when you’re there with someone you’re going to marry 😉

We stayed at the Victoria Rose Inn, and while it was really nice, I think we both preferred the Mill in Wakefield. The hot tub was deeper 😀

We also toured the islands and decided that, when we win the lottery, we’re going to buy an island and be there from now on. It was just so cool to see these little(and sometimes not so little) houses all by themselves on the islands. And it appears that the river doesn’t raise up too much as some of the houses were so close to the water.

Anyway, we can dream 🙂

Tara and I have decided to help out with the Youth group at our local church. It’s a way to get to know people(in theory) and be more involved. It would probably help if we went more than once a quarter though 😉

Not sure what’s all involved, but by the sounds of it there’s one person running the show, and legally they need two adults there when things are happening, and it’s usually one of the parents. Which, from experience, can change how you interact with people. Especially at that age.

So this should be fun and gets us out of the house at least twice a month 🙂

I bought Rock Band 2 at a great price($100) and I suck at drumming. But they have a cool drum trainer that I’m using at lunch to help me with my sucky drumming skills. I’m fine until there’s a bass pedal, and then I get all wonky. But again, it’s getting better.

Going into a 4 day long weekend. Tara want’s to spend as much time as possible at home. Don’t blame her one little bit. I think we’ve been busy every weekend in the last two months, or at least it feels that way 😦

Going to mow the lawn and see if I can attack the giant weeds in the back yard. Then we’ll dig everything up and maybe make a little greenhouse type thing back there. That should be pretty cool actually 🙂 Not sure what Tara want’s to grow, but it has to be better than weeds.

Guess that’s it for now…