Month: October 2009

Woo! Updates!

Tara and I have been workign on a website for the wedding. I’ll post the link here when the Save the Dates go out. It’ll be listed on them as well.

But Tara is not loving the default editor in WordPress.  It’s not very formatting freiendly, and when you switch from HTML back to Visual, the HTML formatting tends to disappear.

Overall, very frustrating. I’m rather surprised that they haven’t changed it yet. Or, they have, and I haven’t found out about it. Which wouldn’t surprise me either.

And it’s often simple things like multiple spaces or other HTMLy things that don’t really need to be adheerd to 100%.

But it’s pretty much done and will look AWESOME!

We did this Youth group thing at the church Friday night, and two youths showed up. Which made 3 leaders and 2 youths. I stopped using the word counciller as I shouldn’t be councilling anyone. Tara agreed 😉

So we played the cheap Jenga and Uno all night. Overall, easy to deal with. Next time is bowling!

Mastercard sent me two old statements so that I could get the exact price I payed for the monitor(so that I can give it to Futureshop and they can print off the old recipt for me) but it appears that I didn’t use the Mastercard to buy it. I must have used Visa, and that’s too bad because I don’t have that Visa account anymore. I still have the card, and I wonder if I have the old statement somewhere. Makes me wonder if they would send an old statement(and how much would it cost…).

I lost the USB connector cable for my MP3 player. It has to be in the house somewhere, just no idea where it is. But Futureshop has one for $15, which isn’t too bad.

And on a sad note, I lost the cool gold ring that Tara bought me some time ago. I swear I had it Thursday while at work, but it could have slipped off somewhere. It was always loose, but I think now it’s gone 😦

I loved that ring.

So, with the ring, the cord and the monitor, Tara is saying that I’m expensive to maintain 😀

She’s right really. I think this is why I don’t go out and buy things very often, I save all my pennies for when I loose stuff.

Like when I lost the charger for the camera batteries. Looked all over the house, called hotels, Tara’s moms place, everywhere, didn’t find it. Went out and bought a replacement for $70, found the original in the pantry under the sink in my bathroom. Real logical place for it to be.

So of course that’s the first place I look for things now 😉

Work has my laptop, and they’re reloading it. Since they use an image it’s pretty quick. Well, it would be if it wasn’t my laptop. So far they’ve replace the hard drive, the ram, and now Notes is giving them grief. Won’t be ready today, but probably early tomorrow.

Dad is thinking of getting the Windows 7 family pack, and then I’ll buy the last license off of him. Drops the price from $130 to $66. Which is easier to deal with.

He’s not loving Vista on his laptop, slowing everything to a crawl at times. I personally never really had that much of a problem with Vista, other than the permissions thing and file copying. But it was livable.

I think I’ll do a Windows 7/Ubuntu dual boot and probably ignore Ubuntu as usual 😦

I just can’t commit…

Mind you I’m not the gamer I used to be, but still.

Busy Weekend

Or at least it felt that way.

As you may or may not know Tara and I went to see Where the Wild Things Are on Friday.

I’m not so sure what to think about it. Before I go any further though, I will express what Tara said because it is the truth; “You’re just too picky about these things”.


I can’t even imagine the daunting task to turn ten sentences into 101 minutes of film, but it was attempted and done. And it was pretty. Really really pretty.

I know there had to be more of a plot put into this movie, but it wasn’t really the plot I was expecting. At times it was “Where the Emo Things Are”, and that just didn’t work for me.

But did I mention it was pretty? Because it really really was.

Saturday was yard cleaning day, and the backyard looks so much better now. We trimmed the hedges, cleared out the weed garden and generally just made the place look good. Tara really want’s to do something with the patch that’s between the fence and the shed, and we’re thinking of making a little green house type thing. Clear plastic and wood should do it 😀

The evening was spent getting the rest of the Save the Dates done. We had to make a major design change because things just weren’t working out.

So expect those in the mail…sometime.

Sunday was a slowish start and then an afternoon in the Hills. We like the hills, they’re pretty.

The dog likes the hills as well. We got get to go into the water a little, but only up to her knees.

She went in pretty willingly.

And I made it through the whole weekend without a page out, so I’m happy and I think I’m off pager duty until next year.

Mind you, I thought that a couple of months ago, so we’ll see 🙂

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-16

  • Where the Wild things Are. Tara and I are going to go see it on Imax tonight at Silver City! She loves me 🙂 #WTWTA #
  • Waiting for Tara to get home so that we can go out, eat, and watch Where the Wild things Are. Hope we get good seats… #WTWTA #
  • A little dinner before the show. So hungry! #wtwta #
  • Was dumb. Got tickets to the early show when there was no chance to make it. But they changed then for me. #wtwta #

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Dead Monitor

Today my lovely Samsung 226BW LCD monitor just refused to turn on today.

Not sure what’s going on, but it’s not doing a damn thing. I changed the power cable and the power location, and nuthin.

Just nuthin.

Worked fine last night, but just not today.

Luckily(depending on how you look at it) I still have one of my old CRT monitors. Samsung 17GLI.

17″ of curved goodness.

At least it does the job for now.

But it’s weird having the monitor up so close to my face.

So the big question is; do I bother to try and get it fixed or just drop the $200 and get a new one?

I’m going to try to get futureshop to track down the original receipt(they might have it on their system) and if that’s the case, then I might, *might*, be able to get it fixed under warrenty from Samsung.

But I should check with them first I guess. See if anything is still covered before I jump through the futureshop hoops.