Month: December 2009

2010 & Goals

This is the part where I should start thinking about a plan for the new year, and I have been.

Just not really seriously.

There’s goals and whatnot that I want to achieve, but that’s nothing new. What I should really be doing is going over these goals and being as specific as possible about them so that I have a hope of achieving at least some of them. 🙂

There’s the usual goals of loosing weight, getting into better shape and blogging more. But this year I want to add a few more to that pile, something that will challenge me in different ways.

I want to read more, and my goal this year is to read one book a month. I’m sure some of you read well more than this, but for me reading, while enjoyable, isn’t something that I do often. I would like to change that. So I’ll come up with a list of books, and a list of alternates, that I would like to read month by month. Maybe I’ll even do a book report here (two birds with one stone!).

I would also like to write more music. Granted, I’ve written two whole songs in as many years, but it was a fun process. So this year I will write and produce 4 songs. 2 for Tara, 2 for me 🙂 They may not be fancy, but they’ll be written.

I’d also like to get more organized, but I suspect that’ll be a work in progress for some time. I’ve already started with some todo managers, and I think I have a winner(it’s free and easy and portable) and because it saves everything into XML, I might even write a palm app for it. So there’s another goal. Ish. But I’ll have to flesh that one out a little more.

Isn’t it just cool to say 2010? I think it is.

I suppose I should establish myself more at work. Take on and accomplish new projects. I did a little of that this year, and while mostly successful, I think I’d like to do better next year. I think this has something to do with the ‘being more organized’ part.

I’m sure I’ll think of some other stuff, but I would like to keep them to a point where I have a hope of achieving some of them, and even if I don’t get them all, at least I’ll learn(hopefully) from the ones I don’t.

Maybe a goal is to make less rambling posts….

Wiikend update

See what I did there? Clever, no?

Yea, didn’t think so either, but whatever 😛

So Tara and I finally got a Wii this weekend. We had a ton of PC Points saved up($150) and the rest of the cash from the great coin return. The only reason we were waiting was for the SuperStore to have a no tax event, which happens rather often. On top of this, they’re now also open 24/7 until Christmas. So Tara and I hopped into the car at midnight and, well, actually found a line in the electronics department. I’m really REALLY glad that Tara and I went that( I was thinking of going in the morning, Tara figured what the hell, we were up, go at midnight) because I think everyone in line wanted a Wii or a big TV. Or a big TV to play the Wii on. Either way, there was a line, and we were in it.

The line and process went fairly well, and I don’t think they were going to run out anytime soon as they had this huge stack of them behind the counter.

We picked up the Wii, Wii Fit and Band Hero(for my brother). We also got some rechargeable attachments for the controllers and the balance board. All in all, a nice experience, and all tax free. Which I think, saved us close to $45, which is just cool.

We should have gotten an extra controller, but my brother had one anyway, so we’re borrowing his for now.

Oddly enough, we really didn’t use it until Sunday, but there’s stuff in between that I can talk about.

Saturday we got up a little earlier than we thought and wandered over to Sears to see if I could get a dinner jacket. Tara and I are off to the Parliamentary Restaurant on Tuesday for dinner, and they have a jacket policy. The jacket was $75, and we’re thinking of finding a way to hide the tags and just return it after I’m done. No point in keeping the thing if I’m not likely to use it again. We’ll see how that goes.

Saturday was also the day my parents got back from Greece, so we picked them up from the airport and heard about their great adventure there. Tara and I really want to go, and this just cements it a little more 🙂

Sunday was Wii day. Wait, there’s still stuff before that.

Sunday was also our great performance of the Christmas story, with Tara and I as Mary and Joseph(Jerry!). There was a little confusion at times, but all in all no one else noticed and the whole thing went off really really well. I was nervous, as I am at all public type appearances, but we didn’t flub our lines and everyone told use we did a great job. It was really fun and of course the little kids(as angels) stole the show.

Now on to the Wii 🙂

We setup our Miis, and then loaded Wii Fit. And then were sad when our Miis got bigger and bigger. I’m sorry to say that my BMI is off the visable chart for Wii Fit. This makes me sad. But, beyond that, they also have some cool features.

1. it tracks your workouts and when you worked out

2. it can track your pets too

3. it tracks your balance, which is helpful I think

And it takes your BMI and balance and spits out a Wii age. Tara got 28, which is good.

I got 39, which is very much less good. But it’s a goal I can work on to be younger 🙂

Then we played some games and were generally sore afterward. They look easy, but aren’t necessarily. Which is good, and there’s a lot of variety in there to keep you interested and coming back for more. This is also good.

Weekend Update

Busy weekend, and kinda not all at the same time.

Tara and I recently celebrated(yet we both kinda forgot) 3 years of being together. Big milestone for the both of us, and one that will be overshadowed by the wedding. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’ll just happen. Funny thing to, I thought it was the 4th and Tara was adamant that it was the 2nd, so I checked my google calendar, and it turns out it was the second. So Tara was right(yet again) and that was enough celebration 🙂

Friday was youth group, and the plan was to play stump the minister, but it turned into a series of random and not really interesting questions. But, the audience was mostly teenage girls, so I guess that’s ok? We did find out he played hockey and a few of his favorite things(although raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens weren’t explicitly mentioned, I’m sure they’re in there somewhere).

The the main event, ginger bread house making. We were smart and just bought kits, as I think the hardest part of making ginger bread houses is getting the ginger bread to not suck. There was a variety of ways these kids (and yes, they’re below half my age, so I can say kids) would use the icing. Some used the piping bags, some used spoons, and others just dipped the house parts into the icing bowl. All worked equally well. There were a lot of good designs, and the best use of empty space went to two girls that realised there was a lot of left over candy, so they just filled the inside of the house with it. Guess it adds to structure 😉

Before all this we went to the vet and were happy to hear that Ringo can come off the insilin and apparently isn’t diabetic anymore. Or at least is in remission. And this is just after a month of getting his shots. So Woot to the kitty!

Saturday was spent milling about and generally getting things done. We went out and did a little shopping to get things for the tree. Then we spent the better part of the afternoon actually decorating the tree. I got this sweet Godzilla tree ornament that makes noise and the like. We were looking for something that would celebrate our first Christmas together, and we just happened to find this as well 😉

Saturday night was date night(something that we’ve been lacking lately) so we wandered off to a musical that, for the most part, was pretty good and funny, but we bailed during the second act.  We bailed to the Starbucks where we first met. We enjoyed some nice time there.

Sunday we went to the “dress” rehearsal for the Christmas pageant. Tara and I are Mary and Joseph, and we think it’ll actually be a lot of fun. There’s a ton of little kids in it, and should be really cute. I say “dress” because we really didn’t memorize our lines or knew what we were doing. In fact, it was the *only* rehersal, but apparently this is true every year and all should be good.

Sunday night we joined some of Taras friends and did a cake tasting at their place. Rivi is making our wedding cake, so we were there to see her work and taste the cake. All was good and I think we made our decision. We then sat down and watched The Hangover, and it was amazingly good. If you haven’t seen it, then I would really recommend it 🙂

Then off to home and sleep.

Sleep is good and not something we’ve been getting a lot of lately.