Day: December 31, 2009

2010 & Goals

This is the part where I should start thinking about a plan for the new year, and I have been.

Just not really seriously.

There’s goals and whatnot that I want to achieve, but that’s nothing new. What I should really be doing is going over these goals and being as specific as possible about them so that I have a hope of achieving at least some of them. 🙂

There’s the usual goals of loosing weight, getting into better shape and blogging more. But this year I want to add a few more to that pile, something that will challenge me in different ways.

I want to read more, and my goal this year is to read one book a month. I’m sure some of you read well more than this, but for me reading, while enjoyable, isn’t something that I do often. I would like to change that. So I’ll come up with a list of books, and a list of alternates, that I would like to read month by month. Maybe I’ll even do a book report here (two birds with one stone!).

I would also like to write more music. Granted, I’ve written two whole songs in as many years, but it was a fun process. So this year I will write and produce 4 songs. 2 for Tara, 2 for me 🙂 They may not be fancy, but they’ll be written.

I’d also like to get more organized, but I suspect that’ll be a work in progress for some time. I’ve already started with some todo managers, and I think I have a winner(it’s free and easy and portable) and because it saves everything into XML, I might even write a palm app for it. So there’s another goal. Ish. But I’ll have to flesh that one out a little more.

Isn’t it just cool to say 2010? I think it is.

I suppose I should establish myself more at work. Take on and accomplish new projects. I did a little of that this year, and while mostly successful, I think I’d like to do better next year. I think this has something to do with the ‘being more organized’ part.

I’m sure I’ll think of some other stuff, but I would like to keep them to a point where I have a hope of achieving some of them, and even if I don’t get them all, at least I’ll learn(hopefully) from the ones I don’t.

Maybe a goal is to make less rambling posts….