2010 & Goals

This is the part where I should start thinking about a plan for the new year, and I have been.

Just not really seriously.

There’s goals and whatnot that I want to achieve, but that’s nothing new. What I should really be doing is going over these goals and being as specific as possible about them so that I have a hope of achieving at least some of them. 🙂

There’s the usual goals of loosing weight, getting into better shape and blogging more. But this year I want to add a few more to that pile, something that will challenge me in different ways.

I want to read more, and my goal this year is to read one book a month. I’m sure some of you read well more than this, but for me reading, while enjoyable, isn’t something that I do often. I would like to change that. So I’ll come up with a list of books, and a list of alternates, that I would like to read month by month. Maybe I’ll even do a book report here (two birds with one stone!).

I would also like to write more music. Granted, I’ve written two whole songs in as many years, but it was a fun process. So this year I will write and produce 4 songs. 2 for Tara, 2 for me 🙂 They may not be fancy, but they’ll be written.

I’d also like to get more organized, but I suspect that’ll be a work in progress for some time. I’ve already started with some todo managers, and I think I have a winner(it’s free and easy and portable) and because it saves everything into XML, I might even write a palm app for it. So there’s another goal. Ish. But I’ll have to flesh that one out a little more.

Isn’t it just cool to say 2010? I think it is.

I suppose I should establish myself more at work. Take on and accomplish new projects. I did a little of that this year, and while mostly successful, I think I’d like to do better next year. I think this has something to do with the ‘being more organized’ part.

I’m sure I’ll think of some other stuff, but I would like to keep them to a point where I have a hope of achieving some of them, and even if I don’t get them all, at least I’ll learn(hopefully) from the ones I don’t.

Maybe a goal is to make less rambling posts….

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    Best of luck in the New Year!


    Wow! We’re living in the future! (Well, it sounds that way… even if if doesn’t feel that way…)

    Still sorting out what I’ll focus on this year. I don’t usually put much stock into it (and let’s face it… don’t share even if I do), but with such an auspicious number… Probably worth some effort…

    Looking forward to hearing about the books. Ran afoul of the “suspension of disbelief” fairy, and haven’t found much cause to read as of late… Maybe I’ll quietly join “Bill’s Bookclub” 🙂


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