Month: January 2010

Grandma Lay

LAY, Geraldine Mary Peacefully at Granite Ridge on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at the age of 92.

Beloved wife of the late Jack Lay.

Loving mother of Geoffrey (Brenda) Lay of Maple Ridge, BC, and Jacquelyn (Bill Fuller) of Kanata.

Proud grandmother of Kim Statham, Justin Lay (Danielle), Jared Lay (Jennifer), Bill Fuller (Tara Nabi), and Matthew Fuller (Vanessa), and great-grandmother of Brianna, Chelsea, and Grayson Statham, Ella, Logan, and Brody Lay, and Simon and Miles Fuller.

“Muggs” will be sadly missed by Canon Stanley Hanes of Lindsay, ON. Friends may call at the Westboro Chapel of Tubman Funeral Homes, 403 Richmond Road (at Roosevelt), on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 from 7 to 9p.m.

Funeral service will be held at McPhail Memorial Baptist Church, 249 Bronson Ave. on Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 11:30a.m. Interment at Capital Memorial Gardens.

In lieu of flowers donations to the Canadian Baptist Ministries Haitian Relief Fund ( ) would be appreciated. Condolences, tributes or donations may be made at


Twitter Updates for 2010-01-15

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Mail Call

I honestly don’t know what it is about getting things in the mail that makes me so giddy and happy, but it happens every time.

With the exception of bills that is.

I guess it’s the build up of instant gratification, that you’ve ordered something and you just sit there by the mail box(or the super mailbox) just waiting for that thing that wasn’t really a thing before you ordered it, to arrive so that you can unwrap it and say “My thing has arrived in the mail, and now I get to play with it!”

And I would say that 99% of the time it’s just this little piece of Chinese junk that I get to attach to my cell or laptop. Nothing of any great substance or value, but I paid for it,  and dammit I want it!

And then it get’s unwrapped, used a little, maybe put on a shelf, and never touched again. But, by that time I’ve already ordered something else!


I’d like to take a moment and thank Doug and Gail for hosting an amazing dinner on Saturday. The food spread was unreal and they are just excellent cooks and hosts.


Now, other stuff. It occurs to me that I already talked about New Years, so I’ll talk about something else.

Sunday there was a power outage sometime in the evening, right in the middle of watching Grey’s Anatomy. Luckily the laptop still had power, so we finished that episode, then it died.

We decided the best thing to do is just curl up by the fire(gas fireplace, kept us from freezing) and read. I think I was about 1 minute into my book when Tara looked at me and said “I’m bored”. Well, so was I. So what we decided to do was just curl up together, and the best way to do that was to push the two couches together and create our own little bed.

It was awesome. We had pillows and blankets, and all in all it was really comfortable. We lay there talking to each other about memories of our childhood, where we first remembered growing up, some things our families did. We were both loving it. So much so that, when the power finally did come back on, we quickly turned out all the lights and just continued.

I think it was the best Sunday evening I’ve spent in some time. Just to talk and be that close to her. Something I’ll always remember.

And now, the present.

Just signed Tara and I up for dance classes. Ballroom as we have to brush up on our dancing. We took classes some time ago, but haven’t really practiced it. I’ve also finally signed up for my guitar classes. So for the next two months, our Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be busy. It’s kinda nice actually. I miss taking classes.

We haven’t started our exercise routine yet, just waiting for Tara to get over a really terrible head cold that turned into a nasal infection and then went back to a nasty head cold. But once that’s done, then we’re gonna setup ourselves on the Wii Fit and the usual basement exercises.

Oh, and my monitor finally came back from Samsung. They have to work on their email notifications thought. I got three emails, saying that it was received, fixed and then shipped all within 5 minutes. Then it shows up at my door. Which is totally great. Now I can stop using my old 17″ CRT which was taking up a ton of space on my desk. I don’t think I could go back long term.

Christmas & New Years

This Christmas marks the first time Tara and I have been able the holidays together. We were both looking forward to it all year really. And it was a wonderful time, I must say.

Bascially what we’re going to do is switch every year, and since we’re saving up for the wedding, it made sense to have Tara stay here this year and we’ll go to her familys place next Christmas. This was a little hard on Tara as it was the first time she’d been away from home for Christmas, but that’s where ‘project awesome’ came in.

What I had done is secretly arrange to have her brother get a webcam setup with Skype and I did the same here, so that on Christmas morning Tara could login to skype and see her family.

I got an A for effort and idea, but a D for presentation. See, since her family is 3 hours behind us, the best time for them would be noon, and that means 3pm here. At which time we were napping. But her Mom called, I answered, and quickly went to set everything up. By the time we had it set(there was some technical problems on the other end) Tara had fallen asleep again, but I didn’t know. So when I went into the room with the laptop and the webcam, I woke her up without knowing, and she was all groggy and didn’t really want to be looking into a webcam.

But she loves me for the idea and effort, and that’s what counts. Maybe a resolution for myself is to work on my timing 😉

Tara got me the gift of learning this year. She knows that there’s a ton of stuff that I want to do, so what she did was get a bunch of different course catalogues, highlight some courses she thought I would like, and then offer to pay for one of them. It was a little overwhelming to be honest, and I might have gotten something in my eye. There was a lot to choose from, and the main contenders was boxing and guitar lessons. I finally chose guitar as, well, it’s somethign that I do want to do, and I also want to exercise with Tara as incentive to us both. So sometime soon I start my lessons, and I’m really looking foward to them 🙂

The rest of the time was spent taking it easy. We both had to work the week between Christmas and New Years, but really, it wasn’t working. I spent time catching up on presentations that I need to review anyway for the new version of the product, and it was really quiet for Tara at work as well. But the week went quickly, like we hoped it would.

For New Years Eve, we decided to go out and see a comedy show. The show was later and they stopped just a little early to hand out party favors, hats and champaign. Then we all counted down to midnight and made noise and drank. I’m not 100% sure it was worth the $40/each, but it was a nice night out and we’ll have to do something like that again for next year. Mind you, I don’t know where I’ll be next year(not sure how much vacation we’ll both be taking at that time).

But now, Tara is trying to nap away a nasty head cold, and I’m catching up on blogging and TV. I’m invested in Heroes, and I’ll watch it until the end. And I finally saw the rest of District 9. Good times.

We were planning on going to Upper Canada Village tonight, but not sure if that’ going to be possible. Tara really isn’t feeling well and I’d rather her sleep and be better than drag her out into the cold just to see some lights. But it’s on for another few days so we still have a chance.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!