Month: May 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

For my 35th birthday, I got:

-a lovely wife

-a healthy baby(which is still in my wife, which is a good place to be)

-two animals that like being around me

-a loving family

Looks pretty good to me 🙂

Oh, but I had to go back to work after being off for two weeks. Can’t win them all 😉

But at least I have a job, and a well paying one that I like. Because now that the wedding is over, I have a baby to raise.

Since Tara is going to be on sick leave, then maternity leave, and then on parental leave, it’s possible she’ll be on EI for the next 65 weeks. That takes a good chunk of change out of our pockets for the foreseeable future. Which means we have to make some cuts but that was expected. It was just a little sooner than we expected.

So I think we’ll track all our spending this month and see what happens. We already know that we have to cut out the fast food and eating out in general. The upside is that, in theory, we’ll be eating healthier while saving some cash.

Tara looked at the bank and credit records, and there’s too much eating out. We knew that would be the first thing to cut.

Next are simple things, saving $5/month on my cell phone bill, canceling the $10/month magazines, maybe canceling the cable(that we just got and it sucks already), that sort of thing. The little things add up.

And it’s not like we go out too often in the first place.  We’re kinda home bodyish, which is actually helpful in the long run 🙂

But Tara’s been in bed for two days now and is dying to get out, so we’ll find something 🙂

Anyway, back to work.

But, uh, everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?

Bed Rest

The Friday before the wedding Tara was told that she had to go on bed rest for, well, until the baby was born.

That meant total bed rest, as in lying down or on her side kinda bed rest. Not sitting up and all that fun stuff.

It’s been a little difficult as it’s driving her kinda batty 🙂

And I can understand. You can only do so much lying down before you get bored to tears.

So yesterday we had a follow up ultrasound, and she’s been elevated from total bed rest to light dusting 🙂

But that really just means light dusting, and not total house cleaning, which she has begrudgingly left in my care. Which is also driving her a little batty as my house cleaning is *very* different from her house cleaning. 😉

But we’re getting along.

Right now, she’s playing Dr. Mario on the Wii and that’s keeping her entertained for now. She does wish she had some real competition though, as I totally suck at the game 😦

However, if anyone that is close has some books they would like to lend her, she would be more than grateful. Any of the non-sci-fi, non-fantasy or non-murder mystery kind.

But the baby is healthy, Tara is healthy, and all is good with the world.

Wedding Eve

It’s the night before I get married, and I think I’m ready.

Well, as in everything that needs doing is done. We’ll find out shortly won’t we? 😉

But I’ve always been ready. I’ve been ready since March of 2008 when I asked Tara to marry me.

I think she was ready a little earlier than that 😉

It’s been a day long coming, and it’s finally coming together. As long as the weather holds, all will be good.

Hell, all will be good even if the weather doesn’t hold.

Anyway, I still have to finish my speech and then get some sleep.

To all a good night