Day: June 25, 2010

Stroller Hunting

Tara found a good price for a Graco stroller online at Toys R Us, so we decided to check out the stroller and see if we could find a better price.

First we popped into Wal Mart, because, well, they’re cheap. The stroller there was $100 more than TRU, but the TRU one is on sale, so it makes sense. However, at WM, it was also bolted down, so we really couldn’t check it out all that well. But it looked nice enough.

We have a few requirements when it comes to strollers:

  • Tara can lift it in and out of the car on her own.
  • It folds down easily enough to fit into the back of the car
  • it’s a travel system(both stroller and car seat)
  • it’s not stupid expensive
  • it’s not crappy

And Graco is a good brand name when it comes to baby stuff so we thought we lucked out. Having been done with WM, we headed to TRU to see if they had a display model. Previously, when we went, they had a ton of them all out and ready to try, so hopefully they had this one.

And they did. So I tried it. Got the car seat out, no problem once you know how to do it 😉

Now to fold it down. So I grab the handle, push the button, kinda twist it, then pull it, then twist it OH it’s down. Cool. Now to get it back up, just twist(I think) then pull, then kinda heave, then yan OH it’s up, no, it isn’t, yes, yes it is.

The store person tried to help as well as she saw I was struggling(and you can only get away with the “i meant to do it that way” look for so long).

And she was having problems with it, and then said this: “Looks like the display model has had it, it’s usually easier than this”

Riiiiight. So the thing can’t hold up to a bunch of people doing to it what it was designed to do. My mind is made up on this one. And it did look nice.

But a different store person decided to be extra helpful and show us a few other models. The first of which was the Chicco Cortina. The store person took out the car seat and deftly folded down the stroller. Then reversed it almost as gracefully. These things claim to be single handed conversion, but that’s not really the case unless you’re about 7 feet tall, but that’s ok. The other hand is more for the final lock stage, and that’s fine by me. And it kinda folded upright, which I thought was cool. Light as a feather(ok, light as a 25lb feather) and easy to maneuver. Plus the wheels felt better.

As the store person was explaining a bunch of stuff to Tara, I played with it, and after a couple of minutes, I was almost as graceful has her in folding/unfolding this thing. And it was easy to move around and generally looked nice. Sure, it was about $200 more than the last one, but I’m starting to think you get what you pay for.

The sales person showed us another model, a whopping $10 more expensive, from Graco, and it still wasn’t as good.

In my mind, and I think in Tara’s, the Chicco was the new baseline for stroller comparison.

Now we just need the money to buy it 😉

Does anyone else that reads this blog and has kids recommend other strollers that we might not have run across? Any info would be helpful 😀